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The new Metal Gear game has not yet been launched, and is already causing fans to rage

Exposing intentions to demand a permanent connection to the Internet and offer purchases of digital objects with real money does not add much sympathy to Metal Gear Survive, which will be launched next month

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The relationship between the Japanese developer and distributor Konami and its fans certainly knew better days before the well-publicized conflict that Kujima had to leave the development company he founded under Konami and leave the popular and popular metal gear brand under her hands. The company's first title in the post-Kojima era is Metal Gear Survive, which is scheduled to be launched in about a month - but in the meantime it is not at all certain that it will be a direct continuation of the chain of commercial successes it has recorded under its original creator.

Metal Gear Survive has received quite a few negative reactions when it was announced, because it presents a world and plot parallel to those of the series so far, with zombie-like creatures and common online game elements that have not been part of Metal Gear so far, , With the approval of the rumors that the title will contain not only proposals for real money purchase, elements that will affect the game itself and will not only constitute visual changes of one kind or another - but will require a permanent connection to the company's online servers, even in single player games.

Regular networking is considered to be a particularly negative feature of games, especially when it is not required in the full online character of the title, because many consumers tend to experience short disconnections that in such a situation will "throw" them out of the game

This is a combination of the two most controversial trends in the modern gaming world, and when they are released in connection with a game that has not broken any record of affection from its target audience, it is not difficult to understand that it is not a simple challenge to have a high-level company that wants to maintain one of its most prestigious brands And not start a rapid deterioration that could "liquidate" him.

Real-money purchases are not particularly popular among the players today, especially after titles such as Battlefront 2, which were published as those who took the method one step too far

The decisions about a regular connection to the network and real money purchases probably will no longer be possible to change, such a short time before the launch intended for PCs and modern consoles of And Microsoft - but we hope that Metal Gear Survive will nevertheless bring something special and refreshing to the table, and prove that there is life after Haidau. What do you think?


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  1. Well done to Konami! Keep on adding more and more reasons to get as many people as possible to buy this shit.

    Hope that Kunami suffers fine losses and praises "Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing" against this shit.

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