The next big addiction in Red Dead Redemption begins (updated)

updating: Beta of Dead Online has officially begun - and with it we start to get first game videos that allow us to see new additions such as the almost bizarre mode of creating the player, with options to determine the structure of the teeth or the amount of pimples the hero will have when starting your online journey.

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Original article: The competitive online component of the new hit Has entered its beta testing phase for an official launch that can make addiction even greater

About six months ago, we heard reports that crowned 5 as the most successful entertainment product of all time, thanks to total revenues that crossed a crazy threshold of 6 billion - and there is no doubt that a large part of this success is a product of Online, the first official online component in the series that proposed a separation from the standard feature chapter and became a huge and addictive hit in its own right.

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Frequent and varied content updates, the ability to collaborate with other characters behind them, flesh-and-blood actors and countless objects that can be achieved - Get addicted to Online, and especially urged many of them to invest real money in obtaining digital resources online within the game world.

Tens of millions of players have already purchased the Dead Redemption 2 - and now expect the moment when they will be able to communicate and collaborate with each other

Now, we're finally going to see the next generation of this special experience - part of the Red Dead Redemption 2 game and try to ensure that it continues to follow the path of success Before him.

Red Dead Online is the competitive and mysterious online situation that we have not yet known about, which will allow players to create gangs with up to seven other players - and rob the entire Wild West, in battles, battles and competitions against rival gangs of course.

We have not received official verification for the time being, but we can almost certainly guess that, Dead Online looks like micro-purchases built with real money

The beta of the online mode, which is apparently intended primarily to test the burden on the game servers in a gradual and controlled manner, Will begin for some consumers (Those who have purchased the Ultimate Edition) in the next 24 hours, with a plan for gradual expansion in the next few days until the opening of the 30 in November.

We do not know how Red Dead online really will be like the crazy action that characterizes the Online - but last month was the weakest practice of the latter, perhaps because some of the community of actors moved to prepare for the adventures that await her in the Wild West

It is not yet known when the final official version of Red Dead Online will be released, but it is likely sometime sometime in December - and more important is that we can now find out exactly what this part of the piece is about, Online. What offers for real-money micro-transactions are likely to be found inside? How many players can compete together in a single online world? How comprehensive will the promised camp construction component be? Let us hope that all this (and more) will be revealed very soon.