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The Next Challenge of Fortnite Creators: A Gaming Store Competing in Steam (Update: Free Game)

updating: As promised, Title Sub underwater adventures Subnautica Is now offered free to all who choose to register and use the. This is a relatively recent game with an official value of $ 25 - so this is a very worthwhile opportunity that justifies investing a few minutes in the process, as far as we are concerned.

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Original article: The surprise launch of the Epic Store along with some exclusive titles will try to overwhelm the endless amount of the platform from home Through emphasis on better conditions for developers

After successfully turning its Unreal Engine engines into one of the most popular choices among game developers and making Fortnite a huge success with over a million registered players, thanks to the free side-by-side Battle Royale from the main component of the title - Epic Games seems ready A big new challenge. Meet the The Epic Store, Which leaps into an area where competitiveness is very high.

In recent times, we have heard complaints about the business model , Which cuts a significant share of 30's share of all gaming revenues (especially small and independent indie developers) - which led to the announcement by parent company Wallab of a change in approach that will gradually reduce the amount of commission in successful titles to 25, Million and 10 per cent after accumulating revenues of 20 million.

A new game store in the field - The tension?

All this is not generous enough for Epic, which proudly announces a fraction of the 12 commission it will charge the creators, while 88 percent of revenue will return to the developer or distributor according to the existing economic model for each title separately - with emphasis on profitability for titles Unreal Engine First and foremost, where 5 percent of revenues above the 10,000 dollar threshold are transferred to Epic Games in addition to the high percentage of revenues , Which does not exist in Where 12 commission percentages will be the maximum amount charged regardless of the economic performance of the product.

With the great success of Unreal Engine and especially Fortnite, it seems that Epic can definitely afford to cut profit margins in the new store and survive

The designer store includes a modest number of works at this stage, including Epic's own titles such as Fortnite itself and the free (slowly dying) Unreal Tournament - although the title is exclusive titles for this platform, at least for a limited time, Ashen is already available alongside definitely positive reviews, and future games like Rebel Outlaw, Satisfactory and Hades: Battle Out of Hell, one of Bastion's and Transistor's greatest hits. There is also a free distribution of free titles planned for the coming month (and possibly beyond) to attract as many new users as possible, with the great Subnautica available from next Thursday at no cost, and the Super Meat Boy, which will be offered to all registered users starting December 28.

Ashen wins impressive reviews, - It will be very interesting to find out if there are many more titles that will choose an exclusive launch for a fixed time period for the new platform where revenue potential is greater

The Epic Store joins Experience of the popular gaming platform Discord Fight in With its own store that just launched a few months ago - and although it is likely that the future of the world's largest gaming store is not at risk at this stage, we certainly hope that the challenge will lead to changes in perception and approach that will ultimately benefit both consumers and creators.

Discord's store was also launched with a number of exclusive titles and a free distribution of games intended to increase the user base - but in a business model that is essentially the same as that of And charges 30 a percentage of the creators

Who is your favorite in this triple race? Share comments.


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  1. לא נראה לי שאני יוריד עוד חנות סתם כאב ראש…
    רגע משחקים בחינם?! טוב נו הם שכנעו אותי

  2. We will have an impact from it in general, it's no longer profitable for gaming companies to sell us a game at 60 dollars, I do not think they will lower it, maybe a reduction in microstranslations, although not likely at all ..

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