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Bioware's next big game is delayed

Anthem, designed to be the basis for a brand new brand, will not be launched this year - despite the original statements

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EA Games is on an impressive surge, with growing revenues in the past year, the expectation of a series of additional financial successes in the near future and a share price that will break the record of the pastPerhaps there is a connection to rumors from Microsoft?) - but nevertheless it will have to do without launching a new title in 2018 from one of its top keys, BioWare, it seems.

Anthem, the next big studio game that gave us Baldur's Gate, Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect and Dragon Age, was unveiled in June at the 2017 exhibition And also because it is a new product based on a completely fresh idea and not just another chapter in an existing series, and also because it is a massively online game style reminiscent of Destiny 2, which includes futuristic weapons and impressive jet suits.

After the most promising titles for the year 2018 - postponed to a later date

The original plan was to launch Anthem for PCs and PlayStation 4 and During the year of 2018, but we have now received official approval from the distributor - and although we know that BioWare is also working on another title in the Dragon Age series, the fact that it has not even been officially disclosed in the meantime leads us to almost certainly estimate that BioWare will take advantage of the coming year in favor of And polishing, after the considerable disappointment in Mass Effect: Andromeda, which was launched last year.

Dreams of creating a game that will continue to attract millions of players even months after the original launch - just as Destiny and his successor are doing for Activision

We would not object to the taste of Anthem this year, but we can certainly appreciate companies that are willing to postpone a painful launch on the financial level in order to ultimately provide a higher quality product to the players. Hopefully this is what will eventually happen here and will not be a return of the missed From the past. Agree with us? Let's share your comments.

Until Anthem and a new Dragon Age arrive, EA Games is preparing to return the purchases with real money to Battlefront 2 to please investors


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