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Nostalgia at its peak: All games of Heroes of Might and Magic for a few dozen shekels

Might and Magic series games return to the And big, for the benefit of all those who want to prepare themselves for the new chapter

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Many of you seem to have been impressed (and perhaps excited) by the details of the comeback of the Heroes of Might and Magic series, which is just around the corner. If you also belong to the audience in question - Operation Weekly The current will probably make you very happy.

In coincidental or unintentional coincidence, this week you will have the opportunity to purchase most of the titles created within the acclaimed strategy game series - at a minimal cost.


In accordance with the recognized laws of the, A one-dollar payment or more will give you access to the full suite of Heroes of Might and Magic 4 full version, Heroes of Might and Magic 2 full version, online spin-off and browser-based Might and Magic Heroes Online, the first six classic titles in the Might series and Magic from which was born the Heroes brand - and even access to the beta of the upcoming seventh installment in the series, which continues these days until launch at the end of next month.

Those who pay more than the average (8.52 dollars now) will have access to a much larger supply, including the Heroes of Might and Magic 5 and its two expansion packs, Might and Magic Heroes 6 in its Gold Edition version, the first game in the series, And the roles of Dark Messiah of Might and Magic and Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes.

Payment of 10 and more will give access to all the titles mentioned above, as well as Might and Magic X: Legacy and its expansion pack, Might and Magic Duel of Champions, the Heroes 6 expansion pack called Shades of Darkness and the updated HD version -Heroes of Might and Magic 3 The One and Only.


In fact, the main drawback of this great offer that can cost you less than 10 dollars at its peak (you are naturally invited to pay more as part of the payment comes for good causes and charities) is the Heroes of Might and Magic 3 In its "classic" and full version, Unlike the HD version which includes only the original Heroes of Erathia without the two great extensions.

However, anyone interested in a bit of preparation for Might and Magic Heroes VII's arrival will find no more winking package anywhere else. Grab it as long as it's available!

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