The novelty of Worms World Party irritates the gamers

Is innovation and modernization at the medium-minus level preferable to nothing? This is exactly the question that comes up around the launch of a remastered version of Worms World Party, the last two-dimensional title (before the modern comeback) in the favorite series about worms that deal with the elimination of each other with a variety of tools Original.

The Remastered version was designed to bring 2001's favorite title to modern systems, without the need for complicated manual workflows and solutions, but managed to annoy many gamers with early promises that simply do not stand the test. The promise of FullHD gameplay and 60 frames per second was only partially realized when the game actually runs on 30 frames per second on FullHD, while the menus remain at an ancient resolution of 640 × 480 pixels, exactly as they were a decade and a half ago.

Add to this the online game modes that do not really work, the inability to play online locally and the inability to change the control buttons - and it is not hard to understand why the network can find quite a few players who cancel the innovation, which cost 15 dollars (or 13.5 dollars now under the assumption) This is another attempt to make money with no effort, at the expense of nostalgia feelings of fans of the series. Not nice and not dignified.

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