Square Enix's proposal: Five games in surprise at the price of 10 dollars

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The game distributor enters a festive mood and launches another mystery package that includes five titles worth over $ 80, sold at the price of 10 dollars only

If you have a few tens of shekels and a sense of surprise, you are invited to try your luck in a new "Square Enix" package of Japanese games for Easter, which is a continuation of a tradition that began somewhere in 2013.

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As in the previous rounds, this time the concept is quite simple - you are invited to pay a sum of 10 dollars (Or 6.5 Euro) At the distributor's online store, and at the end of the availability period, on Monday the 21 in March, For five games whose identity you do not know when the promise is for a full market value of over $ 80 for these products. An interesting deal - especially if your gaming library still does not include much of the company's creations.

Worth a bet?

The former mystery pack of Square Enix Final Fantasy 13, Final Fantasy 14, the first episode of Life is Strange, the Thief game from 2014 and Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, so there seems to be a chance to get a number of current titles within the project - The new first episode of the new Hitman, who knows.

Will be part of the package? We'll soon find out
Will be part of the package? We'll soon find out

The package can be purchased by Sunday, the 20 in March - so if you are interested, do not forget to take the plunge, before it is too late. Successfully!