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The official system requirements of Far Cry 5 are already here

The first major title of the company New Year will require modern hardware and advanced than average to look and work at its best

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after the A slight delay Of about a month at the designated launch date, it appears that The next main chapter In the successful action series Far Cry approaches its maximum maturity - allowing Ubisoft distributor To declare the solemn requirements His, about two months before the date of his mass distribution.

So what kind of computer system will you need to eliminate the crazy and dangerous sect that threatens an imaginary province in the heart Of the United States? The answer is divided into four different categories that are supposed to be better than usual for the quality of the players.

The new chapter promises to let you do things you have not seen in the previous chapters

In order to play Far Cry 5 in the minimum specified or recommended by the creators, minimum graphical settings and 720p resolution, a computer with Intel Core i5-2400 quad-core processor or FX-6300 hexagon of , Along with 8 gigabytes of RAM and a GeForce GTX 670 or graphics card R9 270. Certainly quite a bit - indicating that this is one of the first AAA games of the New Year, which is up to the level of what we knew from 2017's luxury crowns.

A bigger game world and a variety of characters - do they have tougher system requirements?

A FullHD resolution game, with high graphics settings and a display rate of 60 frames per second, will require a system with Intel Core i7-4770 Quadrature or Ryzen 5 1600 , And a GeForce GTX 970 or type video card R9 290X. Fortunately, at least the dynamic memory requirement remains relatively identical and reasonable, 8 GB.

Beyond the minimal and recommended settings that exist for just about every title, Ubisoft has also decided to provide definitions for those who want to take things to a real high-resolution domain - Intel's Core i7-6700 processor or Ryzen 5 1600X processor , A dynamic memory of 16 GB and a GeForce GTX 1070 or a sample video card RX Vega 56 will be required to operate Far Cry 5 at resolution , In high graphic settings and at a run rate of 30 frames per second or higher.

Let us hope that the final result will justify the serious requirements and will look even more impressive than these 'patient' images

For dessert, those who want to experience the game at a quality that is reserved for only a select few, at 4K resolution, with maximum (or very close) graphical settings and a frame rate of 60 frames per second, will need to provide a system with a quad core processor or processor Ryzen 7 6700X octagon , 7 GB RAM and for dessert an SLI array with a pair of GeForce GTX 1700 or CrossFireX cards with a pair of cards RX Vega 56 - which also makes it clear that the game will support multi-card arrays, which is no longer as common in the field as it used to be because of higher awareness of power consumption and level Uniform at any time without instant 'burping'.

We already know that Far Cry 5 will include Denuvo's file protection services - probably combined with dedicated virtualization solutions of Itself, similar to those that enabled Assassin's Creed: Origins to successfully evade pirate distribution so far. Does it contribute to inflated hardware requirements? This is something we will never get an unequivocal answer to.

Far Cry 5 will launch on 27 in March 2018 for personal computers and X- and the- 4 at a starting price of 60 USD. Planning to buy it or not? Share comments.


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  1. All FAR CRY I am amazed at how beautiful and fun the game is. So I'm amazed, again, when a new title comes out and improves the experience, in every respect [and to a significant degree!]. can not wait…

  2. Since I was burned from Far cry 2 I haven't played any sequels.
    Maybe I'll give it a chance?

    1. Why do you get burned [if you ask]? It is precisely the title that really sparked my love for the series.
      Anyway, I know that there were many claims to 2 that were significantly improved or completely fixed in 3. So if you like nonlinear games and exploring an open world, I really recommend… By the way, the only argument I had with 2 was that the Stealth wasn't developed enough. In 3, all of the stealth mechanics were rebuilt [in a great way, in my opinion] and even improved on 4. So if you also like this style - that's another plus.

      1. Why …… .. 2 was cool at the time. Although monotonous after a certain stage but hey…. It was fun.
        Truth until 4 came out I played 2 about three times. (I didn't finish the first one ... I didn't collect any diamonds either).

  3. So the minimum requirements for basic performance on medium settings in this FHD GTX970 and play in 4K high settings is already possible with 1070?
    Although it is 60FPS vs 30 it still looks a bit disconnected to me.

  4. Far Cry was one of the first games I spent money on, watched reviews and downloaded a breakout to experience the game, the hacker worked only at the beginning and then crashed.

    I was impressed (not enough of the gameplay) and decided to buy anyway.

    The first few times he was amazing, really.

    But after a few hours he just repeated himself as if I had seen everything and I was just doing the same thing, the cut scene of getting the ball out of the habit every time again just dropped it terribly.

    At one point I just got bored and decided to erase.

    I still feel the disappointment when I think about the expectation I had and the experience in the end

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