The perfect combination? Battlefield V may be the first to support both DXR and DLSS

The popular action title may be the second to be supported by the innovative edge smoothing mechanism - plus the trace of horns already built in it

2018 was a tiny introduction to the new technological capabilities in gaming that became a reality thanks to the core of the Turing - and this year will be the real test period, which will determine whether they are here to stay or not mature enough to join the mainstream.

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The two main technologies being discussed are DXR, corneal tracking as part of the DirectX 12 facility, andDLSS Which is a new and highly effective method for smoothing edges of polygons in space, or anti-aliasing - and we've both seen two separate games so far: Battlefield V for the first And Final Fantasy XV for the second.

Two flagship products developed in collaboration with They continue to evolve and to be promoted, it seems

within Leaks Which revealed all technical data about The intriguing GeForce RTX 2060 model On the way, We received Also performance data in the game V - when surprisingly next to numbers under the DXR definition that adds realistic reflections we also received data under the DXR along with DLSS smoothing, which is not officially supported by the title today. Is this an unintended leak about the next major update to DICE and Make it the main poster of the Turing generation?

DLSS is designed to be the most efficient AA method - and to our delight it seems that the support will not be restricted to just as high resolutions as we thought so far

What is equally surprising is the performance itself under the integration of DXR and DLSS, which are only a few percent of the RTX 2060 performance in the game without using any of the capabilities, That the DXR takes away overall performance Whereas The DLSS Enables their relative improvement relative to all other available anti-aliasing techniques, without apparent damage to the quality of the final visual product.

There are lists of dozens of titles expected to support DLSS or DXR in the near future, but few are expected to offer the pair of capabilities simultaneously - V should stand out anyway, assuming that the information we received is indeed accurate and reliable

Can I expect to announce the support of V in DLSS technology, in a variety of display resolutions compared to Final Fantasy XV (which supports DLSS only in resolution Today), already at the announcement of the - 2060 itself in a few days? We'll probably know soon. Watch updates!