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Square Enix's position: not for real money purchases, yes for online games

The big Japanese distributor is basically opposed to the Loot Box concept adopted by its counterparts - but definitely plans to offer us more and more games based on network connectivity instead of single-player storytelling situations

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The real money purchase offerings within games, especially those designed to allow for improvement and practical advances in gaming itself, continue to be the hottest topic of conversation in the market - and now the prominent Japanese Square Enix company decides it's time to voice its opinion.

The company CEO Stated in an interview Because the distributor does not plan to add purchases for standard games to the console market and the PC market, because, for him, consumers do not quite understand the need for additional payment for a product that already paid 50 dollars or 60 dollars - this is unlike the mobile world from which the trend came in the first place, where titles are Those who have raised a few dollars may choose to offer additional purchases as a major revenue-generating mechanism.

The Japanese company already included real-money micro-options in some of its authors - but these were part of secondary gameplay modes and those that did not form a fundamental part of the plot. Half consolation, or not really?

It's good to see that there are factors that still choose to try and see consumers' point of view without thinking solely about the line of earnings, but that doesn't mean Square Enix doesn't want to adopt gaming access as a service - the various creations will continue to receive additional DLC content, and mass gaming Online such as Final Fantasy 14 will also receive micro-transactions at an additional cost.

In addition, the company plans to make extensive efforts to create games with more prominent and significant online components at the expense of titles where the main ingredient is a local single player - including through the famous Eidos Montreal studio, which has given us the latest Deus Ex games. In other words, Square Enix may not agree with the specific application of distributors like EA or WBIE, but they are certainly interested in finding methods to generate revenue and increased branded profits and titles that may not be appreciated and understood by the entire gamers community.

Will the next Deus Ex episode be online?

Square Enix has already confirmed that in the coming year we are expecting a new game in the series High-quality (probably called Shadow of the Tomb Raider), and it seems to be hoped that it will be a similar experience to its predecessors - and not a title that will seek an excuse to justify a regular network connection or payment for plug-ins that are mandatory for anyone who wants to reach their full potential.

play New on the way - with as little as the latest Loot Box trend, we hope


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  1. To my memory, there will be no sequel to Deux Ex: Mankind Divided. This is an abnormal insult given how they ended the game. I don't really understand the story of all the multiplayer gaming companies. Are they losing money on single player games? I'm in Doubt.
    It makes me sad, given that I no longer have a head for multiplayer games, I don't have enough time to be good at it and run by an 13 boy who has 20 hours a day is not fun. Yes, I got older.

    1. totally agree. There is no good reason to concentrate only on multiplayer mode. To invest in both, and everyone will play what he likes. I also usually prefer single player mode. And I've never played in a multiplayer mode that I enjoy more meaning than single player mode.

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