The Race Game that Spurs You to Bet Big: Need for Speed ​​Heat • HWzone Hardware Requirements

The racing game that spurs you to bet big: Need for Speed ​​Heat's hardware requirements

The 24 title in the famous series of Receive up-to-date trailers and official system requirements

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Brand He certainly knew better days in his past - days when he was one of the major growth engines , With annual launches that have been favored by critics and players alike. However, it seems that even years that are not easy and various attempts that have not really been successful are not going to stop him from trying to find the right niche for him.

In 2019 it will be Heat, from Swedish developer Ghost Games who was also responsible for the previous two games, will try to bring the racing series back to the track - or to the urban roads, to be exact. The new episode will offer a new open-world game in a city called Palm City, which is an alternative version of Miami, where there are significant differences between daytime gaming and nighttime gaming.

Returning - with a formula that feels like a kind of combination between Rivals and Most Wanted

During the day, players will be able to participate in legitimate races that will give them financial resources to buy new vehicles and vehicle improvements (returning to the classic format, to our delight, with several possible upgrades to a variety of different elements in each , And the ability to customize other features for everyone's preferred driving experience), with no significant environmental dangers - but night hours will be an exclusive opportunity to participate in illegal races for gaining recognition and respect for city customs, without which you won't be able to advance in the state of the plot.

The game will have a significant police presence, but mostly at night - and also a plot situation where once again a story about struggles between illegal racing enthusiasts and law enforcement

The general idea is simple and even familiar - at night the streets will be accompanied by increased police presence, with every action of the player accumulating points of honor in the cumulative multiplication, but if captured by law enforcement or crushed his vehicle before reaching the garage those points will be lost. In other words, performing multiple actions one by one will result in a growing number of points for progress and improvement, but will also increase the pressure from the police officers and the risk of losing everything in one reckless decision.

Vehicle customization options revert to their familiar version of the past - accessible to beginners but with plenty of significant choice options for advanced ones as well

The game will feature over 130 car models, with a Ferrari and Porsche comeback missing from previous releases of - Where the distributor guarantees that there will be no random loot boxes in the game, alongside a small (relatively small) amount of micro-transactions that will allow faster progress up the racing world rankings to those who want to save time, but will not be used to purchase additions and enhancements for vehicles. Heat will also include additional paid DLC content, although in the modern world it seems to be already welcome, in relation to other much more problematic methods that generate additional user revenue.

There will also be extended and limited editions at a cost of more than 60 dollars, as is the tradition

Minimum threshold requirements for running the game Includes free 50GB storage, 10 windows system (unclear whether the game will support previous windows systems), 8GB dynamic memory on the system, and GeForce GTX 650 or sample video card HD 7750. Intermediate requirements include a sample video card HD 7970, sample R9 280X or GeForce GTX 760, when running the game at maximum graphical settings at 1080p resolution and at a rate above 60 frames per second will require 16GB of RAM, Core i7-6700K processor or Ryzen 7 1700 card Vega 56 or type GTX 1070.

The minimum requirements are relatively high for a racing title - but EA guarantees that it will work with too More basic

Need for Speed ​​Heat will be launched for PCs through the Origin platform and consoles and the- 4 at 8 in November. Is there a chance of success? Let's evaluate yourself in the comments.

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