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Returning Legend: EA will re-launch the Command & Conquer game

With support for modern operating systems and resolutions, with no real money micro-transactions and no unnecessary game changes (we hope) - the Westwood Strategy Games remaster is approaching

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The American games distributor There has been a negative name among game lovers of a corrupt commercial body that systematically destroys popular companies and brands it owns. One of the most prominent examples of this is the Westwood studio, which was responsible for one of the biggest strategy games of all, alongside Blizzard's Warcraft.

The spoken series is, of course, Command & Conquer, which offered a modern pseudo-realistic action and achieved great success both on its own and because of the spin-off Alert, which offered a parallel reality to the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. EA acquired the developer and brand rights in the early millennium, and after a few years decided to dismantle Westwood and pass on the responsibility of continuing to others - prompting rapid deterioration in quality and fading of the positive aura of the brand, to the point that it became the basis only for anonymous and primitive products relative to the mobile world or the game From desktop browsers.

Have you missed C & C? You do not seem to be alone

It is not certain that there is a great demand for attempting to continue or reboot the C&C series under different creators, but it seems that in the contemporary fashion spirit we are likely to see an attempt to update the source on the occasion of its arrival - so according to an EA representative Who declared this in practice in Reddit, And even promised that the future version would not include any structured micro-transactions.

Already today there are patches and acknowledgments that significantly increase the resolution and perspective of classic series games of the past - will the intended remake make even more significant changes than these, or will it do with minor work to ensure proper operation on modern operating systems and screens?

Not yet clear Plans to renew only for the original Command & Conquer launched in 1995 (which gives us the year of 2020 or at least the end of next year as a possible time range for launch), or renewal for more past chapters like Tiberian Sun and Alert first and second - but we can only hold our fingers and hope that the product of this move will do well to the original, without feeling outdated or superfluous, much like the largely successful StarCraft updated to its modern era by its creators last year.

Image from Command & Conquer Mode: Tiberian Sun. Will this game also have its own remake? In the meantime, one can only guess

What game of the glorious series would you like to see getting a new layer of paint and a proper modern envelope? Let's tell in comments!

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