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The right time to sign up: Assassin's Creed Origins and other games at a minimal price

The monthly Humble Monthly program offers the hit of From Tin 2017 which is difficult to ignore

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Not yet registered to The Humble Monthly service, Which provides titles worth a total of over 100 dollars each month under the registration fee of 12 dollars only? Maybe now you'll have a good reason to join - when the title that leads the current month is None other than Assassin's Creed Origins.

The monthly plan was originally started with mysterious and secret game packages that were only revealed after the payment. But since then, it has started a slightly more interesting tactic, in which some games are exposed in advance and available for immediate download, while others are revealed at the end of the month before moving on to the next package.

This game is already a year and a half old - but when it is offered in less than a fifth of its original price, it is still a serious bargain

Now those who are already registered for the unique service and those who choose to subscribe to it will be entitled to download and play in the title of the action - Adventure - Role - Successful Stealth Company (Ubisoft) now, plus a few more games that will be revealed only at the beginning of May - all for the price of 12 dollars a month, as mentioned above, 45 shekels, and no commitment forward so you can choose and cancel the registration even after a single month.

Any additional game that will be revealed in early May as part of the package will be a nice bonus for the offer

The lowest price at which Assassin's Creed Origins was offered in So far, 18 has been a dollar - so this is another significant discount, even if you do not take into account more games that will be available with it under the same price of 12 dollars only. In other words, if you have not yet had the opportunity to add this title to your digital library - now it is certainly the right time. Enjoy!


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  1. Worth ORIGINS
    But .. there are now the BORDERLANDS REMASTERD
    My recommendation is on Borderlands: The Handsome Collection
    Everything includes everything and more.
    It feels slightly different from the original (more beautiful, over-exploding and more floating!)
    NIS 50 for all games!
    (Those who already have a share will pay less for what they don't have. Everyone who has the games will receive the REMASTER for free!)
    (I caught up again and do another ULTIMATE VAULT HUNTER round!

  2. Don't know ... Don't understand why Ubisoft changed the fighting engine !! Destroy the hassle experience for me

    1. Not changed.
      Watch videos and see that COUNTER is still sleeping and is dominant _ (I used it too)
      Yes there is fire and acid…. But if you play by the rules of AC1, you will see that the battles are pretty good _ (as opposed to just going crazy with the weapons and spreading anger in every way, even depending on the difficulty)

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