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The space game of Skyrim creators - both current generation and next generation

Director of the company's famous development studio Clarifies the direction for the mysterious Starfield game

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Among the many games Bethesda presented at the beginning of last month The name Starfield stood out, Also due to be the first brand new since 1994 developed in the company, by the same team responsible for the mighty The Elder Scrolls games - and also because this title was defined as the "middle stage" that separates us from the arrival of Elder Scrolls 6.

At the launch we received only a small teaser that made it clear that it was a role-playing game that would take us to new planets, but combined with a statement by Todd Howard, The renowned Game Studios, which Starfield is aiming for as the next generation experience, has sent the network a whiff of guesswork about the intended launch timing - of this game as well (and perhaps even mostly) of Elder Scrolls to follow.

Starfield is one of the first games on the market that are exposed for the next generation consoles

Now, Howard has provided an official explanation of what he said on stage at the E3 show - the next-generation experience also relates to gameplay itself, which is expected to provide players with a world (or universe) greater than ever with countless adventures and pursuits, but also for which platforms the title will be available: Starfield Indeed developed for a generation But it is also expected to win versions and support for the current generation available in the market.

The network believes that there is no exposure (and launch) of a new generation of slot machines before the end of 2020, and it also divides the possible launch date of Bethesda's new games

Launching a game between the straits between a popular and generation-based device and a newer, more sophisticated and prestigious generation that can fulfill a much more advanced technical potential may be a very smart and successful idea - just ask Rockstar Games and V which has become one of the greatest success stories in history, thanks in part to a similar move.

The Elder Scrolls 6 will be a title for the next generation only, so it seems - though not really surprised to see an attempt to adapt it to as many different systems as possible

This modest fresh information probably indicates the launch of Starfield not before 2020, according to estimates that new consoles will not arrive next year - which is something that one can cautiously assume The promised successor to Skyrim Not seen before 2022 year, ie another four years of standby or more today, and 11 total waiting years. Ouch.

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