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The story behind the Sony PlayStation

Have you ever wondered who invented the company's first console , Or why the markings on the controllers are always X, circle, triangle and square? Discover all the surprising details about the project that became a dynasty and history

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This time, we're going to talk about Sony PlayStation - one of the most popular gaming consoles of all time. A console that has spawned some of today's most successful gaming brands has revolutionized setting a new standard for graphics, marking the transition of the gaming industry to XNUMXD.

Our story begins how not - in the company , A Japanese electronics company established during the crisis experienced by post-World War II Japan, and whose resourcefulness quickly became one of the largest companies in the world. Until the late 1980s, Sony had little to do with gaming. Although she has participated here and there in the development of hardware for various platforms, and has been a major player in the development of the CD ROM format, but did not really have anything to do with the industry. But all that changed in 1988, when one of the engineers of the - Ken Kutaragi - Going into the picture.

The late 1980s was a great time for the gaming industry, thanks largely to Nintendo. There was a house where you could not find a console NES, including the house of Mr. Kutaragi. Kutaragi became interested in the console where his young daughter had been silent, and she gave him an idea. what if Would you suggest Nintendo integrate its disk drive on their consoles?

Kutaragi contacted Nintendo and offered to produce a CD ROM drive for the new console Alia worked at the time - the writer , When Sony will have exclusivity on games in disk format. In the end his idea rolled into the manufacture of a complete console and not just a plug-in, and Nintendo agreed to cooperate. Sony has begun to develop the The Super Disk, a console capable of running games as well And also discs of .

1991 came, and with it the annual CES electronics exhibition, and since the prototype was ready, Sony decided to participate in the exhibition and present to the world the product of its collaboration and . The finished console was called the "Play Station" (yes, with a space in it), and not only was it capable of running super game cartridges , It was also a complete multimedia system that could play game discs, Video. The future of the console looked rosy, and then came the day after it changed the face of history.

A very rare version recently unveiled - a working prototype of the console that our son Sony and Nintendo, somewhere in the early XNUMXs. This is the real "father" of the world Which we now know

Just one day after Sony's show, Came out with its own statement. In her press conference, she said she was developing an integrated disk drive console ... with Philips, Sony's rival! so yes - Chose to betray Sonny. If you look for the cause, you can say that Nintendo was stressed by the stifling connection with Sony. Sonny tried to squirm With an exclusive contract for disc games, and the fact that Sony had rights to the sound chip writer (Which Ken Kotaragi has developed for them), no help. In any case, of course Sony, and CEO Norio Ohga in particular, were outraged by the dirty move, but in the end Sony didn't sue For business reasons he did not enter. Ken Kutaragi, on the other hand, did not intend to go through it in silence.

At this point Sony had already wanted to give up all console business, but Ken Kotaragi reminded Ohga, how much Embarrassed Sony in front of the whole world. The CEO who held the same opinion commissioned Ken Kotaragi to assemble a team to develop a console to defeat , And that's exactly what he intended to do.

The PlayStation project (this time non-profit) got underway, and this is where the Kotaragi team reached a crossroads - they had to make a fateful decision: Will the console display two-dimensional or XNUMXD games? To their delight the answer came with a popular super game of the time - Sega's "Virtua Fighter" gained a lot of popularity in the arcades in Japan, and gave Sony the sealer a go with a console to support XNUMXD graphics.

In 1993, in a hotel in Japan, Presented a demo of the technical capabilities of its new console. The demo was so impressive that it attracted quite a few big gaming companies like EA and Namco. The PlayStation presented stunning 3D graphics for its era, and the fact that its games came on discs, a much better format than the game cartridges of the period, succeeded in seconds to show the potential of the new console.

In 1994, the PlayStation was released in Japan, with its only immediate competition being Sega Saturn. But it was soon clear who was winning this competition. The price of the Sony Playstation was also cheaper and the development of games was simpler, which led to the fact that the game library was much larger. His design was more modern and the game's sign was more comfortable than Saturn's old-fashioned sign, since in his wisdom Ken Kutaragi claimed that 3D worlds required different control, and therefore invested a lot of time in developing a comfortable joystick. And a few years later an upgraded version was released called the Dual Shock, which featured a vibration and a pair of thombs for enhanced control that we are still using to this day.

The original console - even without the familiar joysticks

In 1995, Playstation was launched in the rest of the world, making it an international hit, and the first console ever sold over a hundred million units.

About five years later, Sonny surprised the world again, this time with the PlayStation 2. Sony, which has already proven itself in the field of consoles, has won endless trust in its gamers, and was not disappointed when it presented graphics of standards that were not yet seen. And thanks to the decision to add to the console the possibility of playing DVD discs, the PlayStation 2 has become the cheapest platform for the period for playing movies, which spurred its sales even among people who are not necessarily . All this led to the PlayStation 2 becoming the best selling console of all time, a record it holds to this day!

The home console is the most sold in history, by a huge margin from all competitors

And with Playstation 3 and 4 Has continued to strengthen its position as one of the major players in gaming today, especially thanks to its ability to attract games keys that develop excellent exclusive games.

And a bonus - why are the signs on the PlayStation sign a square triangle circle? Teiyu Goto, one of the engineers of Working on the design of the sign, he said that while the other companies in the market chose to mark their buttons with letters or colors, Sony wanted to use icons that were easy to remember. So he honestly thought of the simple signs represented on the four buttons to date. The triangle marks an arrow, and it was the button to display maps. The square represents a page, and there was a button to open menus. The circle and the Xs respectively signify "Yes" and "No" or "OK" and "Cancel" even though today in many Western games it is basically the opposite.

Today, 4 looks the right way to reach a huge sales threshold of more than 100 million units, thus strengthening the position of As the largest player in the world of consoles

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