The summer sales of the GOG gaming store began with HWzone

The summer sales of the GOG gaming store began

The store that sells games without file protection now offers almost all of its catalog at discounted prices, with a slew of classics as well as modern titles

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Summer had come, and with him As in any new season that opens. This time, GOG, the parent company of the creators of The Witcher, which markets games exclusively without protection .

The supply in the store changes slightly every day, and here are some examples of the available desserts now.


  • One of the best adventure games ever, Grim Fandango, in its updated Remastered version, sold for 5 dollars.
  • Last year's adventure game unlike anything else you've ever known, Undertale, Available at the price of 7.5 dollars.
  • The 2 Darksiders action game in its full-featured Deathfinitive Edition is sold for 6 dollars only.
  • The latest and stylish survival platform game The Flame in the Flood is sold with a price tag of 15 dollars.
  • The game of action and exploration in space by some of the creators of Diablo and Diablo 2 who have established themselves a new studio, Rebel , Sold on 10 dollars.


  • The full version of the title The Neverwinter Nights 2, with all expansion packs, is offered at the price of 8 dollars. The original Neverwinter Nights is available in 4 Dollars.
  • The Battlezone 98 Redux, launched a few months ago as a novelty to the classic title from the end of the previous millennium, was sold for 13.3.
  • The great role-playing game Transistor is available at the price of 5 dollars.
  • The quality-but-forgotten Jade Empire role-playing game from home , Is available at a cost of only 3 dollars.

The sale also includes a kind of mini-game in the spirit of those who have followed Steam's sales campaigns in recent years - performing all kinds of simple tasks related to GOG (advertising the summer sale in your Facebook or Twitter account, registering and logging in, logging in to the GOG client Etc.) will provide points of experience, with which it will be possible to obtain a number of free titles. Accumulating 5,000 points of experience, for example, will give you the classic and superb Spelunky platform game (sold at the cost of 3 dollars).


It is worth noting that towards the end of the current month, So if you did not find the titles that are at the top of your Wishlist list in this current operation , There is no need to give up.


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