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Goodbye and Goodbye: The ten failed consoles of all time

Too early, too expensive, just bad or all together: Meet the gaming machines no one wanted to buy

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Over the years, tens of them have entered the market Different gameplay. Naturally, not every console has become a dizzying success, and quite a few of them They failed so badly that you probably did not even hear about them. Some of them due to bad marketing decisions, and some of them were simply intended to fail in advance. So here are ten of the most failed consoles ever

Sega 32X

In 1994, Sega released a plugin for their successful console - the Genesis, called the Sega 32X. The 32X was supposed to allow the console to run games with more detailed graphics and extend the shelf life of the Genesis. The problem was that the 32X saga cost about $ 150, almost like the original Genesis price, and even game developers knew that less than a year later, Sega was planning to bring out a whole new console - Sega Saturn, so they didn't bother developing 32X games. In the end, the console only released about 40 titles and it sold a total of about 650 thousand units, a number that is dwindling compared to the 40 million units sold by Genesis itself.

Nokia N-Gage

When you're a friend Was still one of the leaders in the mobile device manufacturers market, it decided to try to compete with Nintendo's mobile gaming console, Gameboy Advance. Her mobile phone was supposed to be a combination of a phone and a game console. But the strange combination of number keys for Gamepad, and the strange design did not exactly work, and in the first few weeks of its marketing, on every single N-GAGE device, Nintendo sold 100 units of Gameboy Advance. for some reason Thought it was a good idea to get a sequel, if they called the N-Gage QD, which was also not very successful, until Nokia completely abandoned the idea at 2010 and stopped marketing it.


In 2005, Tiger Telematics felt a strange need to compete with N-Gage's By Their own portable console called Gizmondo. Not only did the idea of ​​competing with the console fail, but Tiger priced its device at an exorbitant price of $ 229 when compared at the same time Gameboy Advance SP sold for $ 80, so it's no wonder that in less than a year Tiger went bankrupt after it managed to sell Barely 25,000 units of the device.

Who wants a console with some connections to the Swedish bakery?
Who wants a console With some connections to the Swedish bakery?

Action Max

Action Max was a console that came out in 1987 and powered by VHS tapes. The console's remote was a light rifle with which to shoot targets on screen, which is basically all it could do. Action Max only got out of five games, and it came at a time when -NES's Has already reached the market, so its failure was probably foreseen.


In 1996, the company Decided to enter the gaming console market. She is a friend of the Japanese Bandai and together they created the Pippin, which was designed to be a gaming platform but also as a network computer. Its high price tag that stood for $ 600 and unsuccessful marketing, cut the experience of To enter the gaming market, and when Steve Jobs returned to the company in 1997, he completely stopped the development and production of Pippin.

Dark? console?!
Dark? console?!


The 3DO console that launched in 1993 was the work of founder of EA, Trip Hawkins. Pricing the console for $ 3 Consumers were not convinced that they needed an overpriced console console, and in 3, its production was discontinued.

Philips CD-i

In 1991, Philips created a disk-based console called the CD-i, and quite rarely managed to buy from Nintendo the rights to develop four Mario and Zelda games on their console. Games that were so bad that Nintendo quite denies them. In any case, the high price tag of the console, bad games and a terrible sign, did not give the console too much chance.

Tiger Electronics, the maker of electronic games, has decided to create its own mobile console, and 1997 has released It was the first mobile console with a touchscreen, Internet connection option, and features of a PDA. But poor graphics and a limited selection of 20 games are particularly unsuccessful, resulting in its failure and cancellation in 2000.

Atari Jaguar

The Jaguar console was the console that made the company succeed in retiring from development . The 1994 console was designed to transcend the capabilities of Genesis, Super And 3DO and displayed 64 bit graphics. Although she did show fairly successful games, she soon found herself competing with Sony Playstation and Bessga Saturn, which left her too little chance.

Virtual Boy

Any amateur You know, company Loves gimmicks and innovation. But for them too, it does not always succeed. In 1995, Tried to develop a console with virtual reality capabilities called Virtual Boy. The problem was that the console showed a black-only picture, causing eye and neck pain after a few minutes of play. Oh, and also had only 20 games. Less than a year after she left, Abandoned its production.

The console that caused the virtual reality concept to be shut down for a decade and a half
The console that caused the virtual reality concept to be shut down for a decade and a half

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