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Time to invest in your PlayStation 4: Sony introduces a new Days of Play venture

Let's get substantial discounts on game controllers, leading titles and also enclosures - Including in local stores

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The PlayStation 4 console is the most popular in the current generation by a huge margin, with a touch distance of 80 million Sold - and Sony wants to take every opportunity to further this success. Opening the biggest gaming show of them all is a good example of a reason for a party, for example.

The Japanese manufacturer is interested in taking advantage of the growing global interest in the field at the time and is opening 10 days of discounts on a variety of products under the name Days of Play (the second year, incidentally) to those who already have 4 on the shelf and for those who have not yet - in a variety of markets around the globe, including the Holy Land.

Stores and chains that cooperate with the official local representative Isfar You can find DualShock 4 controllers in a number of different tones with cut-off price tags of between NIS 180 and NISNUMX (depending on the specific model), along with dedicated wireless headsets Which will bear a price tag of 280 New Sheqalim, instead of NIS 450 on normal days.

You can find some of the console models on offer at lower prices based on parallel importers - but these are pretty competitive prices for anyone interested in official local importer responsibility.

Also the console itself is available at a slight discount - NIS 1,350 for a basic Slim version with 500 GB and one game controller, 1,550 New Shekels for Days of Play with a unique blue finish with a pair of compatible game controllers and 1,650 NIS for non-standard design versions with In Terabyte and Battlefront 2 or Call of Duty: WWII (one of them in each package).

There is also an operating price for a one- Plus, which provides free games every month

For the dessert, you can purchase a number of prominent platform games at the price of 100 New Shekels or 200 New Sheqalim only: Gran Turismo Sport, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, God of War 3 Remastered and Horizon Zero Dawn are all available for only NIS 100 The new and successful God of War sold for 200 new shekels.

Reduced prices are also available overseas - though stocks are running out quickly, and they can't always be found in combination with shipping available to Israel

All of these offers will be available until 18 in June - so use them wisely and expeditiously.


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  1. I have not yet examined the effect on overseas prices, but still the prices mentioned here are not very enticing, because it was always possible to order from abroad very cheaply.
    Just for example the new GOW I bought from Bayes a month or two ago in the NIS 185 area.

  2. The price for PlayStation Plus, in the shops here is simply theft by daylight, and more on unreal content ... Simply logging in through the store will show that the regular annual price is NIS 244 [as opposed to 359 loaded on this ridiculous cardboard] and is now 170 N H [and not 199].
    For anyone interested in the Plus service [or any digital content that has a neat online store, for that matter] - buy directly through the online store, rather than giving these thieves money for nothing. They don't even need storage space for it [all digital code] ... whatever, it's best to buy direct from Sony. I've already come across enough sellers of Digilet licenses who are trying to sell the same license to some people [in addition to the exorbitant price, of course].

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