Watch: The new game creators of The Witcher ignites the imagination • HWzone

Watch: The new game of creators The Witcher ignites the imagination

Cyberpunk 2077, the next most famous Polish studio game, will be a futuristic open world title and first person - and its fresh trailer will excite almost any gaming enthusiast

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Cyberpunk 2077 will not be overstated as one of the three most talked-about games of the next few years - after The Witcher 3, the previous CD Project developer, was voted with the best votes in each 2015 year, proving to the world that even commercial success can be achieved without Based on no file protection mechanisms, the product map is quality and worthy.

Cyberpunk is going to be a completely different experience from the fantasy games in the medieval atmosphere we received from the wonderful Polish studio to this day - in a futuristic world based on a boxing game from the 1980s, packed with cyborgs, guns and vehicles instead of monsters, swords and horses.

The five-year wait provided us with another invested feature video - but with no actual gameplay, at this point

A new film trailer presented to the public at an exhibition 2018 is finally revealing some more details about the world and the characters the players will embody - sometime in the future, when the game still has no designated launch date or even a hint of it, unfortunately, despite the fact that it's been five and a half years since we got the first trailer for the project.

What was presented to everyone seemed pretty promising and impressive, but it seemed the most interesting things were kept to a limited group of lucky visitors - a real-life demo of some of the game was shown behind closed doors and without documentation , At least for now.

Do documentation "Pirate" of the game demo will find its way to the net in the next few days? We'll see

The juicy verbal details from the demo do begin to float across the web, revealing to us that Cyberpunk 2077 will be a first-person role-playing and action game, creating a more believable and impressive atmosphere, with "third-party" appearances when engaging with other characters in the world. The game will allow the player to choose the main character's gender and drive on different vehicles, contain mechanisms for taking cover behind walls and other objects in the context of battles - and of course will include a large open world with a variety of characters that will provide information and side missions that will allow the main character to gain experience levels. And learn new and improved capabilities.

The developer (who also distributes) seems to have all the time and resources in the world - to create another title that will go into history books and record books, we hope

Cyberpunk 2077 is designed to reach PCs, even in a completely DRM-free version, and the- 4 - At a time unknown, but probably not in the coming year, at least. We'll be waiting for him with obvious impatience anyway - and you?

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