The Wars of Tomorrow: Battlefield Hardline On the way, Battlefield 5 is in the planning

The next title in EA's successful action series gets an exit date and a direct continuation of the 4 on the way - but not before 2016 year

Need more Battlefield in your life? Get a little more tolerance - Hardline, the new spin-off title in the series that originally was supposed to be musk this month, Will be published in 17 in March.

There is no practical connection between Hardline for the favorite Battlefield: Bad Company games, but there is quite a lot of similarity between them - a stronger emphasis on a single-player feature campaign and not only on the network game modes that are the main attraction in the main titles of the series.


Visceral Games, the creator of the Dead Space Games series, is preparing a title called Battlefield that claims to be different from anything we have experienced until now

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In fact, Hardline is the first game in the series Who will not deal with soldiers and armies at all - in this game a policeman / detective named Nick Mendoza will be killed in his war against the Miami crime organizations. The above description may not sound very enthralling, but in EA they promise a plot of crime that draws inspiration from films such as The Dark Knight and Hit.

In addition, Hardline will offer (of course) an extensive multiplayer component in which one group will represent the law and the other group will enter the shoes of criminals and criminals. The game will be launched on 17 in March 2015, as stated, for The previous generation (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3), Current generation of And Microsoft and the PC.

If the police and thieves' games do not really do this to you, you may be happy to discover that there is also a new title in the series Is already in development - although the company confirmed and clarified that it will not be published before 2016, which will give the current title 4 "lifespan" of about three years and confirms previous statements by EA that it does not intend to make the series annual (like the big competitor Call of Duty).

Will three years be enough to allow Battlefield 5 (or whatever the next title in the family will be) to forget the technically lame launch of Battlefield 4?
Will three years be enough to allow the 5 (or whatever the next title will be in the family) to forget the very lame launch, at least technically, of 4?

Bonus - also The new Battlefront hits the coming year

EA people were not satisfied with just And also confirmed that the third title in the popular Battlefront series (and the first in a decade) will be launched sometime during the holiday season at the end of 2015.

For those who are not familiar with the series and those who have already forgotten, we will mention that this is a first- and third-party action game that takes place in the extensive and rich universe of the Star Wars brand and offers a general concept similar to that of the series - with a great emphasis on multiplayer battles on large maps loaded with tools and vehicles that can be activated, with the aim of each group being to take over the key points and hold them as much as possible.

The first two titles in the Star Wars Battlefront series were hugged by critics and commercial success, but the third game was abruptly canceled due to managerial and organizational changes to then-brand owner LucasArts. Since then, the brand has been in a cloud of uncertainty (if you do not consider two sub-titles launched for the portable PSP ) Until the rights acquired by EA and deposited by DICE Development Studio, the father and mother of the series .

So far we know very little about the title of the new Battlefront, although it was announced mid-year ago - EA promises to change the situation and expose the game in all India and the South, but only in half a year (spring 2015), perhaps with the aim Not robbing him of the spotlight he enjoyed Hardline.

Who is the title of the action to which you most expect from the three, if at all? Tell us in comments.