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The Walking Dead and World War Z become promising action games

A first introduction to the promising titles based on the successful film and television series

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The amount of games that include zombies in one or the other within them probably can't be counted in one sitting, but that doesn't really mean we're going to stop seeing them anywhere in the near future - especially judging by the fact that just over the past week we've received announcements for another pair of titles In the genre, which are based on brand names you already know.

The first title is another adaptation of the comic series and TV series 'The Walking Dead', this time behind the production is the Swedish studio Overkill which is responsible for the impressive hits Payday and Payday 2 - which may explain why the official name given to the game is simply Overkill's The Walking Dead.

The game will provide first-person action with elements of collaboration with other players (Co-Op), role-playing elements, horror games and survival games - and although it doesn't have an official launch date yet, we have been promised it will be launched during the fall months of 2018, for PCs And to the consoles and the- 4.

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The second game is equally intriguing and based on the book World War Z, and will come to us from the American developer Saber Interactive, which has given us games such as Timeshift, NBA Playgrounds and Quake Champions.

The game will be an online action title (apparently from a third party) for up to four players, which sounds pretty similar to the successful concept the players received on Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 but will take place in different places around the world, including in Jerusalem. World War Z will be distributed by Paramount Studios, which owns cinematic rights to the book, and with plans to launch during 2018 for personal computers and And Sonny.

Left 4 Dead for the New Era? We'll soon find out

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