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These are the FIFA 16 system requirements and will not surprise you

What computer hardware you will need to display to enjoy From the EA football celebration Even in the coming year? One with an 64 bit operating system and a graphics processor that supports DirectX 11 only, roughly (not to say exactly) As last year.

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In EA View The minimum and optimal system requirements for the football title that is due to arrive on 22 in September for PCs, previous and current generation consoles for Sony and Microsoft, and for Android and iOS, and are very similar to those of FIFA 15, Significant leapfrogging Meet the requirements for the transition Avoid the new Ignite.


The most significant change in current requirements is the addition of processors Which was completely absent from the requirements specification last year, as well as completely abandoning the Core2Quad processors and processing the Core processor era as the minimum requirement. It may well be that the title will still work just fine with the Sandy Bridge pre-processors - but it's likely that the releases indicate that EA simply did not bother to check or optimize for this old hardware. If this theory is true, then the good news is that EA has also begun to treat the processors of the EA As part of the development, for a change.

If you expected any breakthrough changes in the 2016 version of , Except for the first addition of women's groups for the first time ever, system requirements indicate that you will probably not get what you want


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