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Thirty million are not wrong: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds continues to break records

updating: Congratulations, The latest Steam data It is now announced that PUBG has for the first time crossed a bar of three million active players, more than 2 than any other title in the service has ever accumulated.

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The original article: A formal and full launch contributes to another jump in the popularity of the most surprising game of 2017

A variety of trends in the gaming market can be described in 2017: Games as a service rather than as a product, micro-transactions and Loot Box in all their lifetimes, countless updates and re-launches of past titles and the like. However, it will be difficult to argue with the statement that the most famous and famous message in the past year is that which can be described by only four letters: PUBG.

The modest action game from the developer and distributor that knew very few people turned the state of the game called Battle Royale into the new big hit, Which attracts tens of millions of players And has shown no signs of slowing down over the past 10 months, since it was first introduced in the platform's Early Access program .

Even if you have not played it yourself, it is very doubtful that you have not heard of PUBG, which has succeeded in bringing a whole new spirit to the genre that felt trite and tired

The huge success that has broken almost every possible PC popularity record has meant that the title distributor will change its name to PUBG Corporation, just to make its relationship to the product clear beyond any doubt - To create a pair of alternative mobile versions currently in development, And to accelerate the massive development of the original version that gave us an official launch of the game also to - And full launch of the game, leaving the Early Access program on personal computers.

The huge data accumulated in less than a year - almost three million players on the network at one time, in the version Only, and sales of about 5 million copies within just two weeks on the Microsoft console

After all this progress, the statistics come to an end: With the launch of the first update of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds 1.0 version, its players base is no less than 31 million users, of which about 26 is a million or more only in the personal computers in Steam Sold in the history of the popular store, after Counter Strike: GO), and about five million players who have already purchased it for the latest consoles of . Absolutely mad.

With such success based solely on a pair of game maps - you can only try to imagine what could happen in a year or two of gradual maturation and upgrade

Developers have plans to continue to add more maps, more vehicles, more objects, and elements of diverse gameplay in the foreseeable future, and we have nothing but to wonder if we may see a big and painful collapse here after the intersection - or is this a phenomenon that will remain relevant for a long time to come. what do you think? Count in the comments.


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  1. After the money they made, what a fall could it be?
    When playing well then it is good.

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