That's how celebrating a true birthday: Unreal original free

The renowned brand of Was founded two decades ago - and now you can add it to your collection without a price, just in the next 24 hours

In 22, 1998 launched the Unreal ambitious action game (Which was then called Epic MegaGames), as Quake 2's leading competitor - and although it is a little hard to claim that he won this battle, it certainly formed the basis for a popular series of games (Unreal Tournament, of course) and the first appearance of Unreal Engine , Which has become one of the largest in the industry.

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On the occasion of the special event that expanded before 20 years ago, Epic offers a free download of the original game, in its extended Gold version - also Through the Steam platform store and also Through the GOG store In a free configuration . This offer will be available only for the next 24 hours - so hurry to kidnap it, even if you've already played this piece somewhere in the past and if not. Gaming is fun!

This may not be very convincing today, but believe us - at the end of the previous millennium this graphic was considered a breakthrough and a big one