Watch: This is probably the most impressive video game for Battlefield 1

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user Popular Use tools to change the color gamut and the user interface for the closed alpha tests of the action game in question, resulting in a spectacularly simple result

Battlefield 1 is one of the most talked about games for 2016, without a doubt, thanks to its choice to take us to a time and war not seen every day in the gaming world - and thanks to the latest version of the advanced Frostbite 3 engine, -Realist and rich in detail.

Now, those who stand behind the " The popular jackfrags give us a chance to see the game's capabilities, as it is now, as a version that is in closed alpha testing for a limited audience, with a video called Real Life Mode and an online gameplay where the colors have been fixed to a richer, , While the user interface shown to players was cleared.

The result was achieved using a plugin for the 1 created by a user called Hatti Watti, and we must admit that the result further increases our desire to dive into the game right now. There is no doubt that EA and DICE know how to create great interest in the players, each time anew.

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The most beautiful violence we've encountered

The good news does not end here - because it seems that in a little over a month we (or at least those equipped with a powerful enough computer) can experience the action and mess of 1 on our own. EA has promised that open beta tests for the title will begin shortly after the Gamescom exhibition, which is scheduled to take place between August 17 and 21 in August - probably by a method similar to the one that has accumulated tremendous success with Battlefront last year, when access to all would be offered for one long weekend. We will continue to follow and update you, as always.