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This week at the Epic Store: Free Quartet

Original article: A couple of nice titles are waiting to come in to kidnap them now - and another couple is already sitting on the bench waiting for his turn this weekend

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Distributing free games is always a good opportunity to try more modest, lesser-known titles that you probably wouldn't pay for from your own money - and this week there are not one but four of them, if you decide to freely (or you have done so before) to the platform.

Layers of Fear is a first-person psychological thriller and horror game launched in 2016 that has received compliments thanks to its interesting style and high-quality atmosphere that really amazes and intrigues. There is also a sequel that was launched this year, but received less favorable reception than the original.

Layers of Fear

QUBE 2 (or Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion, if you prefer) is a first-person puzzle and visual thinking game with a visual style reminiscent of the legendary Portal. It was launched on computers and consoles in 2018 and has received better reviews than its predecessor from 2011. Certainly equal to those who enjoy the refinement of thinking from time to time.


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Both of these games will be offered free of charge to all requirers until this Thursday, the 31 in October, in the afternoon - and soon after, two other free games will be offered for the common good.

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Costume Quest is a humorous and endearing role-play in which a group of children will embark on their famous Halloween (Alvin) journeys, with battles in forms where the special children become large and formidable versions of their costumes to fight the bad guys. The game is relatively old and launched on 2010 (with positive reviews and a subsequent episode on 2014), but hey - it's free, won't you?

Costume Quest

SOMA is a first-person psychological horror and survival title, in which the actor finds himself in a semi-abandoned underwater research station where machines begin to develop free will, in a way that does not bode well for human beings present. The title launched for personal computers on 2015 and received high praise, first and foremost from critics, with an average score of 84 from 100 on Metacritic.


Don't miss the opportunity to pick up all these games - and of course try them out soon. Nice gaming!

updating: Costume Quest and SOMA are now available for free and are only waiting for you at - In addition to the reveal that starting Thursday of next week (November 7), the brutal action game Ruiner and the Nuclear Throne addictive shooting title will be available for free. Definitely worth it, as every week actually.

High quality indie titles for everyone, in stacks

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