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Three free games for everyone, in the next few days only

updating: Another free game joins the bunch - favorite adventure title Lego The Lord of the Rings, which Part of branch and branched brand Of arrangements for popular works in the known Lego universe.

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The Humble Bundle site offers the free 2012 game for the next 24 hours - When you notice that after receiving the activation code for the title for You'll need to add it to your digital library within a week, otherwise the key will become expired and no longer available. Enjoy!

After you've collected the hobbit's processing in Lego's world - it's time to complete the package, too, with the episode created inspired by Lord of the Rings

Original article: The store of , The company's uPlay Store And the new store of They all offer gamers a chance to get renewed - without paying

The pursuit of titles that cost money these days but are freely offered for a limited period of time - and if you hurry up you can add three of these to your personal comprehensive digital library.

In Steam, the space strategy game Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Celebrates the launch of a new expansion pack six and a half years after it was first introduced - and does so in a free-to-play distribution of the base game that holds 92 positive reviews from players on the platform.

This benefit will only be available until tomorrow (Wednesday, the 19 in December), and its value is about NIS 150 - so it's not worth giving up, even if the genre isn't exactly your cup of tea. After you receive Rebellion, you can consider a discounted purchase of all the DLC content launched for it, four in total, three of which are available for one NIS 9.25 and the latest Minor Factions extension available for NIS 19.75.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion

Ubisoft's uPlay store also offers you a free strategy game, though in this case it's a game that takes you past, rather than deep space - Year 1602, Launched on 1998 and essentially started the entire Anno games series that continues to expand and evolve these days as well. If you already have an account You can actively add the game to your repository in a few clicks, and if you don't have one yet - this may be a good opportunity to spend a few minutes to do so.

This game will be available free of charge, instead of the recommended full price of 10 dollars, until the beginning of next week at 23 in December.

Year 1602

A third and final game that can be hijacked now is the title of Adventures in an Open World Subnautica, Launched last year and now joins To the Epic Store As a gift to anyone who decides to sign up for the service - until Friday 28 in December, the title of the mega-challenging Super Meat Boy platform will be available to everyone. In this case, too, a few minutes' free registration is definitely justified for us, for a very high quality official title with NIS 93.


We will continue to monitor developments in the various online stores across the web - and keep you updated on all the cool opportunities we will have to meet.

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