Three great titles from Activision at an unprecedented price, now in the Humble Monthly • HWzone venture
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Three great titles from Activision at an unprecedented price, now on the Humble Monthly venture

Call of Duty WWII and another nostalgic trilogy pair with a new and sparkling color layer are offered together by joining the popular monthly subscription

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Humble Monthly Appointment Of the venture Is a rather interesting proposition in today's era where most of the big names in the field focus on monthly paid access services where users have no real ownership - each month subscribers receive between seven and ten titles (all now and forever, and for a limited time only), the majority of which is unknown in advance. Some 'stars' leading the advertising with the goal of recruiting new subscribers to the service.

This offer, at a cost of $ 12 (about NIS 40) per month, is slightly more impressive and sometimes less - but the bargain for the October-November months 2019 certainly managed to impress us, with access to three diverse and interesting titles from US Activision ).

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A trio of games from the last two years at a very short price

Existing subscribers and new subscribers to the service (which can also be canceled without obligation at any given time - if you only want the current month's products with no further payment in the coming months) will now have instant access to the popular action title Originally launched at the end of 2017, along with a pair of free DLC packages for it, and the remake trilogies Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy and Spyro Reignited Trilogy, made up of remakes in a great look for classic platform crowns and Jews from the console days The original.

The cheapest price on Steam to date for WWII stood at 24 dollars - here you can get it for half the price (with another small bonus pair for it and a variety of other games)

These three pieces together carry a recommended official price tag of no less than $ 140 - and subscribing to the Humbly Monthly service allows you to access them through the Platform At a fraction of that price, so this is a very impressive bargain even if only one of the three wink at you. That without mentioning four or more titles to be added to the package at no extra cost in early November, so their identities will also be revealed for the first time.

Run to sign up or give up? Let's write what you think in the comments.

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