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To experience successful tactical action games free of charge: Steam's weekend promotions

A variety of discounts on big titles and the chance to try Rainbow Six Siege and ARMA 3 without spending a penny waiting for you in the next few days

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Need quality entertainment these days? The store of As always comes to their aid with assumptions and suggestions that are hard to ignore. Ready? Without any further introductions, let's start counting them.

Until next Monday you can download and try the famous tactical game ARMA 3 Freely - and then also buy it with a 66 percent discount which brings the price to only NIS 49.28.


You can also download and try the game Rainbow Six: Siege Which has become a phenomenon Really - then purchase his various packages at a discount of between 45 percent and 60 percent if you like what you experience, from NIS 39.5 to the base version and to NIS 219.45 (yes, after a discount) to the ultimate version with all fighters and content.

Civilization 6 The Premier is celebrating the launch of its second expansion package, Gathering Storm, with a discount for the basic package, which costs ILS 67.48 Gold Edition Package Which includes six DLC packages and the first expansion pack, Rise and Fall at NIS 148.78.

Complete package of BioShock series, Including the revised versions of the first and second games in the series (which are considered controversial due to quite a few technical problems, Infinite with all the DLC extensions created for it - all for NIS 56.23.


Title of the famous tactical action XCOM 2 Offered at 75 percent of full price, NIS 56.23 only - and if you want to get the complete experience you can invest NIS 131.63 Along with the War of the Chosen extension package and three additional DLC packages.

The glorious Borderlands package The Handsome Collection, Which includes Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel along with the myriad of additional content born for them - at the cost of NIS 53.72, which can provide hundreds of humorous hours of play and shooting. Want you too Borderlands The original that started it all? You can add it for NIS 27.73.

The dark and stylish game of action The Darkness 2 Can be yours for NIS 22.19 - as is the excellent tactical military title Spec Ops: The Line.

Spec Ops: The Line

For dessert, you can also find discounts for all the tough Dark Souls series games that probably do not need another description: The revised version of the first chapter Sold for 112.46 shekels, Dark Souls 2 in the Scholar of the First Sin Sold on 35.5 NIS Along with three excellent DLC joints Which are sold together in 44.5 shekels andDark Souls 3 Only NIS 53.25 is offered as a base or NIS 90.6 In a package along with its expansion pack pair.

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