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Today's hardware, the games of tomorrow

The exposure of the system on which the Cyberpunk 2077 game was demonstrated behind closed doors gives a glimpse of the system requirements that we expect in the not too distant future

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Cyberpunk 2077, the new game of the creators of the exemplary The Witcher series, was one of the most prominent in the exhibition For the year 2018 - although all we got to see was a general feature trailer, while the really luscious content (first real-life demo of the game) was presented only to select journalists who were not given permission to document what they saw.

Instead of a video or even We received promising verbal descriptions of an open, futuristic world in which there is a wide range of activities and a clear blurring between what is considered good and what is considered evil. So what hardware would we need to experience this piece when it was ready? The current information indicates that the card GTX 1080 Ti, the most powerful currently available under the brand, will suffice "only" to run it at 1080p resolution.

Playing a new breed will also require new breed hardware? It may be too early to determine

According to existing information, a processor-based system i7-8700K, MEMORY 32 GB and a card GTX 1080 Ti, was enough to run the demo version of Cyberpunk 2077 at a modest FullHD resolution and at a display rate of about 30 frames per second - even then seemingly a few spots were temporarily carted. Will the next generation of games really require monstrous hardware to work in full glory, or is this simply a good example of a stage where a title has not yet been properly matched and streamlined? Apparently the truth is somewhere in the middle.

Gamers continue to be thirsty to see some of the games expected for us at Cyberpunk 2077

At the same time, we received an update that the gaming demo for Anthem, the EA Games and BioWare game that ensures a mix between action and massive open world roles, which was actually presented publicly and even available in high quality and official documentation - was based on a formidable gaming system with a pair of cards GTX 1080 Ti to achieve the required performance.

Unlike Cyberpunk, which has yet to receive a launch date and may only reach us sometime in 2020, Anthem is the more mature title that has already received an official launch date for February 2019 - and yet, as far as processing requirements are concerned, we are on our way to another level rise in the near future. The most advanced arrays imaginable (and maybe even true in some cases) will allow resolutions to be run And at a fixed display rate of at least 60 frames per second.

Nice to see that BioWare continues to support arrays with a pair - and the company also ensures continued improvement and performance while remaining on the official launch

Let's hope that a new generation of graphic processing products can deliver a big leap forward to bring the status quo back - even before the wave of advanced and challenging creations across the horizon.


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  1. It will take time for enough people to have access to such hardware…
    And the games need to be bought and played in order to justify the development.

  2. Very well, that's what makes hardware improvements. Like the popular question of whether or not this would trigger a cure

  3. I remember Spiderman from 2007 I played it with 7300GT and it's on 30FPS minus _ (and I actually enjoyed it)

  4. Chances are that it is still necessary to optimize both the game and the drivers
    But what if the game is launched to the current consoles they will have a very hard time running it on 1080P
    But it's good that companies are pushing the demands forward. This in the end drives the novelty seriously when competition has long been gone
    Not a major advancement factor in the video card market.

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