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Leading Xbox One games on smartphone - starting next year

Microsoft's cloud gaming service, xCloud, which competes with Stadia's And will allow gaming on almost any screen with a network connection regardless of processing power, getting new technical details

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While Google's Stadia service is taking its first commercial steps in the market (People Mixed welcome from the first experience, It's worth noting), Microsoft is announcing that launching their competing service on their behalf will be postponed to next year - and also providing some new details on how it will work.

Orders for the current phase of the xCloud platform exam have begun to be sent to consumers in the United States, the United Kingdom and South Korea, which will also be the first three markets expected to receive a real public launch of the 2020 service - and right now all it takes to enjoy it is a smart device That runs Android 6.0 and above with the dedicated app, controller And a high-speed 10 megabyte-second high-speed network connection, which can be based on both home Wi-Fi and communications cellulose.

Play Forza Horizon 4 in its full version, only with controller and smartphone - it's no longer a dream, but a reality (in three countries and a small number of select consumers)

The exam phase included only five titles at the start, but will soon be expanded to a variety of 63 games that can be played anywhere based on live streaming - with big names like Halo 5, Gears 5, Devil May Cry 5, Forza Horizon 4, World War Z and -Shadow of the .

The list of supported games will grow slowly - and should become very monstrous with thousands of different works over the coming year

Microsoft declares that in the future, the xCloud service will enable all titles created for theAnd a great variety of titles from the era 360 and even the console The original - and this is another great potential benefit of direct streaming technology, which is completely independent of user-side architecture and limitations, and will allow us to run any titles we want in the future, regardless of the generation or device of some kind or another and no need to invest in the resources themselves To do this.

Microsoft has a lot of vision for sharing - but it is not based on dedicated hardware that you market to interested

During 2020, we will see an official launch of xCloud in the European, North American, Japanese, Korean and Indian system countries - when it is unclear what Israel's chances of being included in this first wave are and how much pleasure we will have. What is clear is that at this stage Microsoft chooses a different direction from Google and will not market its own dedicated controller to enjoy the platform, but will provide support to controllers , Keyboards and Mice, Competitor's DualShock 4 Controllers And even touch screens - just about any control device that's already sold in the market and / or available in your home right now.

Support for touch screen control in a wider variety of products will also come later

xCloud will not only support Android-based smartphones, but also system-based tablets, Apple iPhones and iPads with iOS, Windows-based computers and consoles , When personal computers and consoles have the ability to stream titles immediately, they should be part of the monthly Game Pass service on behalf of , Which currently focuses on downloading and accessing local titles from a specific directory that is updated and updated each month.

The X019 event of Certainly managed to live up to our expectations - with lots of interesting new pieces of information

It can be stated that the direct streaming services for games are not yet ready to network the gaming computers and home game consoles - but now with five very big names who are engaged in the field and express great confidence in it (Google, Sony, Microsoft, And EA Games), we hope that today we can all play any game, anytime, and any screen-connected device and network connection is approaching.

Against - Who will win here, and who will be the first to officially launch in the Holy Land?

Enthusiastic about gaming streaming technology, or prefer your games to the good old local format? Tell us in the comments.

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