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Tough Racing and Space Adventure: Steam's Deals

Many of the famous European distributor THQ Nordic, and many others, are offering big discounts at the largest gaming store around

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The holiday has come and with it some free time to experiment with new gaming experiences - so we have collected selected offers for you from the list that offers us the, So you don't have to break your head.

Full package of all Red Faction games Known for their advanced destruction engines that provide an interesting layer for action gameplay - it is offered at a cost of NIS 44.99.

Faction Armageddon

The violent and finest racing game Wreckfest, Which also benefits from an advanced physical model with very realistic destruction of vehicles, available for NIS 59.98 - and for NIS 153.88 Per game plus its Season Pass package To all interested.

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The action-role-play Titan Quest Offered for only NIS 14.79 for its "Classic" Anniversary Edition package - and for a total price of NIS 75.23 Along with the pair of modern expansion packs created for it, Ragnarok and Atlantis.

The retro-futuristic role-playing game ELEX, From Gothic and Risen creators, is available at a discount of two-thirds of its original price - NIS 62.68.

An interesting package Which includes all three Darksiders series games, The first two in their full and improved modern versions and the third in their Digital Deluxe version - together at a cost of NIS 105.57.

Darksiders 3

Space Role Playing Star Control: Origins Launched last year is now offered at a third price - NIS 37.72, with another option to purchase it Along with his expansion pack, along with his soundtrack and the original Star Control games trilogy from the past At the price of ILS 73.25.

Star Control: Origins

Space addictive strategy game Galactic Civilizations 3 Offered at base cost of NIS 27.73 only - or In a complete package with 12 various DLC contents Price 105.56 shekels.

The unusual strategy and management title Offworld Trading Company Available for NIS 36.97 for its base package - and for NIS 110.55 To Gold Edition Which includes 11 various DLC content for it as well.

The strategy game Northgard That focuses on Nordic and Viking mythology sold for NIS 55.47 price tag - or NIS 86.03 price tag Along with four DLC packages launched for it So far.


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