The intriguing indie game will also be sold in Microsoft's closed store and without file protection

Cuphead, the game that will put you in a cartoon From the beginning of the last century, will be offered simultaneously in three platforms Very different

One of the most notable Indie games we have in the second half of the 2017 is Cuphead - a journey within the surrealistic and somewhat stressful world of the rubber-hued films (in which it was customary to draw unbounded figures in hands and hands to facilitate the manual animation process) that began in the 1930s Previous.

The unique visual style of the title of the action and the platform, which was led by a pair of Canadian brothers, helped it stand out in the field as early as 2014 when it was first introduced - and now we are getting its official launch date set for the end of September.

After more than 4 years in development - the game that is unlike anything else finally comes

What is interesting as the launch date is the fact that Cuphead will be exclusive to the And PCs, mainly because of financial support for his work from Microsoft gaming studios - and will be available to PCs in the exclusive store 10, also in the And in the.

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So far, most of the titles that came to the application store from Microsoft have done so because of some temporary exclusivity agreement, which required everyone who wanted to play them at the outset to adapt to the technology giant's severe limitations (Windows 10, 12) before moving on to more popular and "free" platforms - 10 after a long time was also available elsewhere in the network, as an attempt to expand the target audience to which they turn.

It may seem colorful and relatively childish, but Cuphead should be a challenging and unforgiving game for an adult audience

The young studio StudioMDHR for which Cuphead is the first creation decided to announce in advance a planned launch for all three digital platforms at the same time, which can certainly cause some eyebrows to rise, when players will wonder why there will be reason to prefer the closed garden of Over the much older and sleek Steam, or over the GOG where you can get an installation file with no usage restrictions whatsoever. This is probably the commercial agreement reached by the creators of the game with the sponsor , Which is actually a combination of desires on both sides.

A hit in the making or an inevitable disappointment? Soon we'll know

Will you be willing to invest $ 20 in this cool game, or will you wait for the initial reviews and entries before you decide? Let's share your comments.