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Unlimited games from Microsoft, even on personal computers

The program Game Pass on its way to 10 windows officially, providing direct competition to Access from EA already operating in the field

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An unlimited gaming library access mechanism for a fixed, well-known monthly fee is gaining momentum nowadays, where digital and virtual ownership of titles has become acceptable and routine and the vast selection available on the market reduces the chances of legally acquiring and fulfilling all the creations we want - video games are bad Which is growing along with Netflix's growing popularity, and it seems that more and more companies around the world are realizing this and adapting themselves to the situation.

Microsoft did this a few months ago with the launch of the Xbox Game Pass service, at a monthly cost of 10 dollars only (after 14 free trial days) which gave access to more than 100 games in Without limitation, including all the major and up-to-date brands of the gaming division at Microsoft itself, of course. Even players who own Windows 10 computers, without a console, could have access to a number of the latest Game Pass games thanks to the Xbox Play Anywhere program, which gives parallel ownership of games that also support games, And in.

Real-time gaming may be the domain of the future - but the present is unlimited access at a fixed price

The technology giant was enthusiastic about the general concept and recently decided to introduce the " All Access in North America - where as part of a regular monthly payment, consumers will receive both a physical console and access to its games, as a complete wink package that does not require spending hundreds of dollars as a starting point.

New titles are added each month, and the total number has already crossed the 200 threshold

Now we get official confirmation that Microsoft plans to expand the availability of their monthly payment services to PCs as well - CEO Satya Nadella has announced that the Game Pass will also be launched in the 10 windows below, with the same monthly payment of $ 10 and a list of available titles that will naturally be richer than those available to PC owners now with Play Anywhere.

Xbox Game Pass-in Currently includes over 200 various games that can be downloaded and installed at any given time for subscribers, with new additions each month - and it is likely that in the We will see similar variety and selection, with minor changes to titles launched for consoles but not for computers and therefore unavailable - and at the same time any titles that are available exclusively to computers and may join the offering.

Collaborations with some of the biggest distributors in the field could give Microsoft a big advantage over competitors - especially those that are likely to reach the world of With similar services in the future

This should certainly be a positive line for all gaming enthusiasts who want to experiment with as many different creations for as low relative prices as possible - and with the Origin Access (or Origin Access Premier) service from home Which also gives access to hundreds of different games in the initial monthly payment of 4 Euro will be quite impressive combination, with hundreds of new and less new works (and large companies but also indie developers humble) for several tens of new shekels each month.

Do you already use monthly gaming services? Planning to try the Game Pass for computers when it is launched? Hue talk about it in reactions.


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