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Victim of PUBG? The game of competitive action Paragon was abandoned

The title of the company Who was supposed to compete in Overwatch will be eliminated for the sake of investing increased resources in the title that competes with the masthead, PUBG

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In 2016 launched Paragon Fanfare - the free distributor and developer creation , Which most of us are familiar with thanks to the Unreal Tournament series, which largely defined a decade of online action titles to compete with the popularity of titles such as Overwatch, Dota 2 and League of Legends.

The visual style was less ornate than that of the main competitors and hopes were high, especially with the beta being open to everyone in February last year - but that happened to the grief of the creators at the same time as the title that would define the entire 2017 year, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds.

Paragon was an interesting and fairly well-invested combination of action and MOBA crowns - but it wasn't enough to conquer the masses

The game that introduced to the world the concept of Battle Royale quickly became the most popular in all , And brought the Offering a free mode similar to its title after Fortnite - and it quickly became an impressive success with over 30 million subscribers, which in turn pushed Paragon far back in its relevance.

The continued success of Fortnite's Battle Royale mode has made Paragon dwindle and become less popular - pending official announcement, now that the title failed to live up to its high expectations and shut down permanently in 26 in April, with those acquiring versions Its premium paid on PCs or on the console 4 will be able to claim a credit for their investment as a result.

B- Decided to invest most of their resources in their second free title, which has so far been far more than expected

Paragon can certainly be described as a victim of the unprecedented popularity enjoyed by PUBG and its counterparts, and it is unlikely to be the last - with more and more titles and companies seeking to acquire on the success of the young competitive genre and abandon the MOBA world that was the hottest trend in the half The last decade. Unfortunate or rather gratifying? We would love to hear your comments.


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  1. The problem in pubg that many times the game becomes a walk simulator and wasting too much time on the lottery…
    The problem with Portnite is that the OP builds, you shoot at a man, he builds, shoots at you and then you build, and then probably whoever wins moves the circle in his favor that the other will have to push

  2. This game also did not succeed because there is already the same game with an existing audience called SMITE, although the "graphics" are more ornate but it is a game whose main thing is, not the graphics and games are not bad at all, and also no lol-card card game

    And if already MOBA then Heroes of Newerth in my opinion is more fun than DOTA2, it's more "fast".
    Just a pity that they ripped off the loot / progression mechanism their audience could run away (:

    post Scriptum.
    You made a little mistake, this game came to compete with Overwatch, but with Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm

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