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15 minutes of swords, guns and demons from Shadow Warrior 2

The successful 2013 boot sequel looks great, and promises to provide a different experience in every experience

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The reboot was successful, and now the real challenge begins: In 2013, the young Polish developer Flying Wild Hog honored us with an action game Small and kind Called Shadow Warrior, which was actually an updated incarnation of A humorous doom And relatively popular with the same name launched somewhere in 1997.

Critics have not really fallen off their feet in the remake, but users were impressed - and we will soon see Shadow Warrior 2, which will continue the story of Lou Wang and his war on demons that invaded Earth, promising to be much bigger, more diverse and sophisticated than his predecessor.


Now the game developer has uploaded a very long and impressive video game that was originally presented In the exhibition E3 2015, Which allows us to get a better glimpse of this new and ambitious title.

Shadow Warrior 2 claims to make some significant improvements over its predecessor, most notably the addition of the possibility of playing co-op mode along with three other friends or just strangers from across the network. As a result of this situation, the developer promises a more open and free game, consisting of a general focus and stages that you can reach and return to your heart's content. These will include a variety of features (general layout, structures, locations and types of enemies).

You and three friends against an army of demons
You and three friends are against Of demons

If this is not enough, the new title should contain dozens of different hot and cold weapons, plus the magic and other abilities you will get with the rise of the hero of the game, similar to what we saw in Shadow Warrior The original Of Flying Wild Hog.

Shadow Warrior 2 is designed to reach the windows system, the OS X system, Linux, and the- 4 during 2016 year. Will he succeed in fulfilling all that his developers declare? We'll live, look and hope.


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