A new game is revealed: Max Payne meets the Matrix HWzone

A new game is revealed: Max Payne meets the Matrix

The new and promising title of developers who created Max Payne, Alan Wake and Quantum Break will come next year

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E3 has provided us with a lot of grandiose game announcements from the oldest and oldest keys and distributors in the field - but even less glamorous names have interesting surprises to offer. One of them is Control, a new third-party action game by Finnish Remedy, and the first to reach PlayStation after 15 years of collaboration with , Who gave birth to the Alan Wake and Quantum Break games.

Known for the first time after creating the original pair Max Payne games hopes to combine some of its titles so far in the new world created by the combination of weapons (including a gun capable of changing its structure according to its owner) and impressive environmental destruction, Mystery and science fiction course - all within the framework of a single-player feature mode and also online collaborative game modes, for the first time for the company. Sounds promising? The first video game is definitely here to help you judge.

Control will be based on Quantum Break's game engine, which Remedy also develops independently, and is designed to offer a more open and linear game world than that of past games from the humble society. The launch is scheduled for next year, with support for the PlayStation 4 and And on personal computers. Hopefully that contrasts with the latest gaming side it has created for , This time we do not see unnecessary delays here.

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