The new game of Crysis Creators will make you feel vibrated in HWzone

Watch: The new game of Crysis Creators will make you feel and vibrate in virtual reality

The new game developed by the German developer Crytek is exclusively for the ", And put you into the shoes (and eyes) of a particularly brave mountain climber

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Crytek, the company that was once best known for its first-person action series Crysis (and the original Far Cry, in the more distant past), continues its efforts to expand horizons into different and more unique genres - this time with a virtual reality title that fits there The Climb.

The new game will take you to an impressive tropical environment, reminiscent of the original Far Cry and Crysis, where you will try to climb, without fear and without harnesses , To the highest and wildest cliffs - all in a virtual environment that will try to make you feel like you are the one doing the climb yourself, and not the character you embody.


The Climb is designed to reach the " Which guarantees, exclusively as of now, over the next year. Look good or unnecessary?



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  1. Maybe unnecessary, maybe huge, who knows without trying? From my experience with OR at GAMESCOM it does not really make vertigo or feel so real, but it's a very nice way to play games D:

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