The plot of Battlefield 1 is revealed with an impressive video gameplay

The series of action games purports to finally provide a single-player action situation, alongside the online action known to all of us

Series She has never been popular thanks to her acting modes. The first titles of the brand did not offer a single player mode (except for an online situation where you played alongside artificial intelligence bots of course), while the latest titles 3 to Hardline) We have seen specific gameplay modes, although they have not been able to impress too much - and thus There remains a series that is considered to be acquired only for its online and competitive modes, and not for the experience of self-play.

Now, weeks before his big launch, the DICE developer has decided to reveal the status of the single-player feature In Battlefield 1 - to try to break the stigma, and become a game that is considered worthy both for online situations and for its offline modes.

The new synthetic trailer, based on the game's Frostbite engine (not through separate computer processing with other tools), offers very compelling and advanced animations, revealing to us the fact that this time various characters fighting on the various fronts of World War I are taking part in an approach similar to the Modern Warfare , In order to present different war stories to the players while maintaining the maximum authenticity, as much as possible in the game from this genre.

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In addition to this video, we also received a video Gameplay Fresh from the player's only player mode 1, which presents almost 12 minutes of absolutely impressive action, which at first even makes it clear that what is experienced is based on real events and stories of that gigantic global war. You are invited to view and judge the outcome yourself:

The game developers promise not only different tasks, locations and environments - but also greater freedom of choice than ever before for players (something that has been defined as one of the main drawbacks in the player's only situations) ), With the possibility of deciding which vehicle and whether to decide on a more or less offensive approach to the task. Let's hope that we are not talking about superlatives that will only be expressed at one or two specific points during the campaign.

So will we be able to see a leap forward in the weakest feature of this series? At 21 in October we can start getting answers at last.