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View: This is how Doom looks in virtual reality

The new creation of the company Try to solve once and for all the basic problems for fast action titles that are erased in VR

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Exhibition Big Los Angeles has officially opened and provides us with dozens of announcements about exciting new games - among them VFR, which will take the most famous action series to a new front for it, the virtual reality.

Doom VFR (yes, this is probably short for Virtual Fucking Reality, in case you wondered) will offer users a parallel line of fiction Which was launched last year, with the presence and intelligence of a fighter injected into Cyborg, which becomes the last chance for the UAC to prevent the total destruction of the research station on the planet Mars attacked by countless evil demons.

The first and short trailer does not reveal too much, but makes it clear that the title will use the teleportation technology, or "jump" from place to place, combined with the use of a variety of familiar weapons, to avoid the problems of dizziness and nausea that are often expressed in games In which there are many occurrences and too frantic at once with whom the player must deal. In the id software developer, it seems that the concept of moving quickly from place to place, according to the player's pre-selection, instead of the concept of 'appearing' from nothing in a new point (including a short moment in which the screen darkens from one place to another) In the VR world.

Doom VFR will be launched sometime during the last quarter of 2017, also in Steam for Vive's Goggles And for the G- VR, when quite naturally the company's Rift glasses (With her Manages a number of bitter claims in recent years) are missing from this list - and it will cost about $ 30 for those interested in it, and for those who will have the appropriate hardware in order to benefit from it.

Will this violent, bleeding, fast concept survive the transition to virtual reality? In a few months we will find the answer

The conversion of the original Serious Sam couple to virtual reality has already proven that action games can be created into the virtual reality world that involves full movement, but it seems that id Software preferred to maintain a more conservative format, Which can significantly enhance the understanding that today there is no need to fear VR, even for the biggest brands and titles in the gaming market. Good luck.

Is a price that is half of that of a "real" AAA title signifies that we will receive a limited and limited gaming experience?


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  1. Nonsense……!
    I'd love to see Alice Madness Returns in VR.
    I'm just at 4 in the game THE SURGE…. And it was interesting to see in VR as well.

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