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Best video game kiss to date

The recent video game of The Last of Us Part 2 provides stunning action - and a surprising romance that has become one of the main conversation topics in the network

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There are games that can get the masses investing in buying a whole new game console just to try them out - and The Wonderful Naughty Dog's Last of Us definitely fits that setting for Sony, and the Its 4.

The sequel to the action-horror-survival game that was defined as the swan song of the previous generation console, 3, finally got a real first and long playable video - which met all the big expectations, and beyond.

Surprising human moments - along with tough violence that in some ways is reminiscent of The Walking Dead

The players were presented with very brutal and realistic gameplay, with diverse and unintelligent human enemies, incredibly interesting and detailed environments and reliable movement and movement mechanisms - but what got most of the attention was actually a cinematic part that preceded the gameplay, presenting the original heroine to me with a kiss With another female character, Dinah.

Beyond the surprise of the lesbian connection, the kiss has become a prominent topic of conversation because it is incredibly reliable in relation to everything we saw in the games In the past - and perhaps conclusive proof that today's technology-ridden games provide a mature and serious plot, and human drama, just like in film.

Another huge hit in a series of Sony exclusive titles?

The Last of Us Part 2 does not have a scheduled launch date yet, not even within a year, but there is no doubt that this show at the biggest gaming show has added a lot of interest and fans to it - so Sony can be very pleased with the whole thing.

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