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Weekend Deals: Steam Gaming Deals (updated)

Buy cool games at discounted prices - and get the basic version of For Honor from home At no cost at all

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Beside The latest Humble Bundle package winks, Also store the platform Continues to pamper us with operations that are hard to refuse at the end of this week. Have not you checked them yet? Now is the right time.

The excellent platform game Hollow Knight, which has just won a new DLC package called Godmaster, is sold for 37 only new shekels.

The Wreckfest racing game officially launched two months ago is already available at a discount of 131.2 New Shekels.


The roleplay roleplayer with the unique visual style Battle Chasers: Nightwar is available at the price of 44.4 New Shekels.

Ryse: Son of Rome, the historical action game of Crysis series creators, is available at a funny price of 12.25 New Israeli Shekels.

Ryse: Son of Rome

The Battletech strategy game, which will allow you to control huge robots loaded with new weapons, is sold with a new price tag of 105.

The new series of Darksiders, Darksiders: Warmestered Edition and Darksiders 2: Deathfinitive Edition, are offered at tiny prices of 11.1 and New Shekel respectively.

The ELEX European role-playing game, which brought us both the Gothic series and the Risen series, is sold at a cost of 76.


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In addition to all the discounts, in the coming days you also have an interesting opportunity to get the Online action game For Honor free of charge - In the base version, which is currently being amended at a cost of NIS 60 and gives access to six fighters from the existing selection and all maps and game offers. In addition, there are 75 percent discounts on the other game versions, which include access to more and more different fighters and items for them. Enjoy!

For Honor - Add to the library now and can play anytime, for free

updating: The game PC Building Simulator, The dream of any hardware enthusiast that allows you to build your dream PCs with real hardware components from real manufacturers, is available at a discount of 55 new shekels only. Worth a look!

2 Update: is also In the EA Games Origin Store There are now up to 85 percent discounts off the original price, with last year's prominent headlines such as Mass Effect: Andromeda, Battlefront 2 and FIFA 18 being offered at a third of their price with a cost tag of 20 Euro each - whereas 1 in its base version is available for 5 Euro only. It is certainly worth examining the full list.


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