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In the store of , In the Origins store and in the You expect familiar titles with good discounts

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Looking for a good way to pass the evening hours this weekend? You should check out the games that are available in the various stores on the net.

B- Of Wolf, the traditional weekend deals will allow you to get the famous Tekken 7 fights title at half their full price - NIS 75, plus big discounts on all ARMA action games and Assassin's Creed series .

Tekken 7

ARMA 3 is sold for only NIS 49.3, or an expanded version with its Apex package for NIS 85 - with additional discounts of up to 66 percent on the game's additional DLC content.

Assassin's Creed Origins is sold at half of its full price, 119.5 New Shekels, while older sections of the brand are available at even lower prices: Syndicate will cost you NISNUMX New Shekels, Unity is priced on 63.6 New Shekels and Rogue and Black Flag cost NISNUMX one.

Assassin's Creed Origins

Additional deals can be found on Rayman Legends available in 26.8 New Shekels, title of the unique Wartile strategy at the price of 44.4 new shekels, the game Besiege in 22.2 new shekels and more.

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Also in UBSoft's uPlay Store Assassin's Creed series games are available at discounts - 30 Dollar for Origins and 20 Dollar for the Season Pass expansion pack, 10 Dollar for Syndicate and 6.8 Dollar for earlier episodes. Additionally, A discount of 70 is also available for Tom Clancy's The Division - With a price of 15 dollars for the base element of the game and an additional 12 dollars for the Season Pass that includes most of the game's content extensions.

Tom Clancy's The Division

Finally, EA Games' Origin Store will find discounts on the games of the distributor THQ Nordic: The remake of Darksiders 2 is available at a price of only 4 Euro, the decade-long version of the action-game Titan Quest is sold at 3.6 Euro, the ELEX role-playing game is available at 18 Dollar, the strategy title Spellforce 3 launched a few months ago is sold at 30 Euro , The Battle Chasers: Nightwar game is sold for € 2 and more - In addition to Battlefield XNUM's great Deal, which we've already told you separately. Pleasant shopping and pleasant gaming!

Spellforce 3

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