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Why does everyone hate the Epic Store?

The young digital gaming store of the creators of Unreal Party and the world of gaming on personal computers

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A few months ago Epic announced that it was opening its own digital store. A store that actually competes directly with existing services such as , , And the like. The new store is far from perfect in terms of features and is clearly in its early stages, but is already absorbing tantrums and even calls to boycott developers who choose to sell their games through it.

So before people get angry in Lima, and share your opinion on the matter, let's just make some order in the last events.

If you are one of my older viewers, you are familiar with Epic thanks to the Unreal series, and of course, childhood games like Jazz Jackrabbit and Jill of the Jungle. The younger ones, or those who do not live under a rock, are recognized by Fortnite, which has lost some of its popularity lately but is still installed on hundreds of millions of computers worldwide.

The beginning was very modest

At Epic, Fortnite did not really predict the success of the game and the fact that the game was going to sink them into money. The goal was to add a total of Battel Royal's mod to an existing game because of another game in the genre that was popular at the time - PUBG. But very quickly the success went out of proportion, and now the guys there had time to think where they wanted to evolve.

All thanks, or because of, the Fortnite?

So about four months ago, Afik announced that they were opening a digital store for video games. A store that they claim is a more fair alternative to both developers and consumers than their competitors. For comparison, For example, you charge 30% of all the profits of a creator who chooses to sell their game through them. Channel announced that only 12% will be charged.

Saddle sets On all your purchases, meaning you will not be able to install, play or do any other action without the store's software open in the background. Channel on the other hand, sell some of the games without , So you can download the game, and from there do whatever you like, even install it on all the computers in your home.

The numbers speak for themselves

His face did not sound bad? Afik even offers a free game every two weeks to entice you to download the client to your computer. So what is the problem here? Where does anger come from?

Well, in February of this year, a game market that many were waiting for - Metro Exodus. In a move that lit the Fury, it turned out that Epic had closed a deal with the game's studio, which gives them exclusivity for its sale for a period of one year, though it wasn't until recently that it was listed as a set game, from where it was probably gone.

And of course it's not just a single game. Metro, Afik also continued to Borderlands 3, Control and other large and small titles that closed with them the conditions that give them the same rights.

A large number of leading games are going to be exclusive to In their early days

It should be noted that Afik does not take advantage of exclusivity to change market prices negatively. The games are still sold at the price of 60 $, and sometimes even at a lower price, as in the case of Metro sold at the price of 50 $, ten dollars less than the price in the sets before the game dropped from the store. From a consumer point of view, the average gamer should actually rejoice that he has a cheaper way of getting the game. So what motivated quite a few people to take revenge on the creators of Metro Exodus and to corrupt review pages in other sets and platforms with negative reviews about the various games in the series? Are people really so loyal to stymies that they can not consider other options?

Well, I think the main problem is that people do not like being forced to do something or limit them to a specific platform. Sure when this platform is not really good technical.

CEO Was called upon to defend his new venture time after time

Also the luncher of There was no hit at the start, There were years and years to repair, improve and add features and community. In Afik's store there is no rating or games reviews. There is no cloud preservation, adaptations, forums or even

Cute features such as cards and a very very important market Heavy.
For the average gamer, to install the Afik's lunche, it's tedious. This is another program on the computer that provides an inferior experience than it is used to.

The other reasons are unfounded, or even based on conspiracy theories. For example, people argue that the fact that shops have exclusivity on a game means that stores have the power to control the price at will and raise it because it is a captive audience. While this is not a completely unfounded argument, Channel actually changes the market price, and even reduces it to different titles. Do not forget that they are in competition against , And the move is intended to bring buyers, not postpone them, and that in any case the games will be distributed to the rest of the digital stores after a year.

The players benefit from the increased competition?

Other claims concern the fact that 40% of the company belongs to the Chinese company Tencent, and people immediately link China to espionage. Well, there is no evidence that Afik or their Chinese friends are spying on you. It does not even make any sense to the fact that their entire business is based around this software (because they owe it to operate Fortnight, the company's main source of income), it does not pay to be caught following millions of people around the world. Tencent also invests in quite a few companies As familiar as Blizzard, And Riot, Walla, I have not seen calls on the Internet to delete Obrochach or Assassin Creed from your computer.

I also have some feeling that it may be irrational hatred for the channel because they are the creators of Fortnight. Because of course it's cool to hate what's popular.

Well friends, of course you have the right to be upset. But in my opinion the reaction to the matter is a little too extreme. It's not like an exclusive console game that requires you to hold the same console to play it (and pay a fair amount for it). Epic's total launch is completely free and in some cases even lowers the price of the game launch. And if you really have to play it in sets, and really want to prove your market power, then just wait a year and fix the game wherever you go.

The Chinese are running things behind the scenes?

But remember that this competition is actually healthy, not just for us consumers, but also for game developers who are a little captive of , And right now a third of their profits go to a place that just holds their game, just because it's the most popular place. I admit that I, like many of you, really love , It is convenient, it works, 99% of my games to computer name.

But Lestim does not have a serious competitor at the moment, and this competition means they have to work harder to please everyone, and to prevent a mass stream of titles for their competitor, Afik, who will probably act quickly to develop the features they currently lack. It may even be that this channel is exactly what this market needed to be able to see its development, but only In the picture, be sure we will not get anywhere.

Like the Epic Store or are loyal only to The good old one? Let's share!


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  1. If I can buy the same cheese in two different stores it means there is a chance of competition.
    If only in one store - no competition.
    If you want to sell us a competition then don't confuse your brain with slogans of: Exclusive way competition. Nonsense.

    By the way, I do not hate EPIC I am angry that we are treated as gullible.

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