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Do you have an Amazon subscription? Let's get a free game

updating: Another free pair of games await you, This time in Steam: The titles of the series of horror and survival Amnesia that meet the names of the Dark Descent and A Machine for Pigs can be added to your game library instead of the full price of 74 new shekels for each of them. It's definitely worth the hurry and take advantage of the offer!

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Original article: Prime or Prime Video get access to Devil May Cry in its new HD version with no extra charge

Free-to-play games continue to be a successful and welcome method of drawing users' attention to various online services - and this time it is Amazon itself that decides to offer the famous action title Devil May Cry, Which first comes to personal computers, In order to try to cause an increase in interest in its monthly payment services.

If you have a subscription to the Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime Video streaming services (available separately or as part of the shopping service), or decide to do one - You can get the HD version of the game From the company Capcom originally launched for God- 2 in 2001, with uncompromising difficulty and significant sympathy from critics and actors.

Free game for Twitch Prime users - which is a subscription included Prime and Prime Video, at prices ranging from 3 to $ 13 per month

This free offer comes with the launch of the Devil May Cry HD Collection on the Steam platform for personal computers, and the- Next week's 4 - which will offer all three of the first Devil May Cry games in improved and updated versions, after it has been launched in the previous console generation.

However, as of now it seems that only the deal's Can give you access to the first title separately, without purchasing all the titles together, so it's a good opportunity to test the quality of the product before you decide to purchase it, at a recommended price tag of 144 new shekels. Enjoy!

There are a variety of free deals offered every few weeks to Twitch Prime users - though it's worth noting that the current offer is one of the most prominent to date


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