Do you have any money for that? Winter sales on thousands of games at Steam's store

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The bustle around And the CyberMandie is fading, and it's time to tell you about the last 24 days when you can buy the best gaming titles of your PC at large discounts

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If, miraculously, you still have some money left in your bank account after the wonderful week of operations that visited us in Israel and abroad - They will be happy to help you get rid of it with the help of Comprehensive of their own.

The current operation of Began a few days ago, but was unilaterally pushed aside in all sales and general promotions across the network. Fortunately, this time the gaming platform chose to give up on the various promotions and discounts - and therefore all the titles can be purchased now, too late, at exactly the same discounted price they offered during the past week.


To list all the deals that deserve your attention will be an almost impossible task, but here are some suggestions that we consider worthwhile and especially relevant to many of you:

  • Grand Theft Auto V is offered at the lowest price on So far - 36 dollars, which constitute 40 a percentage discount from the standard price.
  • Realistic and popular action game ARMA 3 is also offered at a rare discount of 50 percent - at the price of 30 dollars.
  • The Sniper Elite 3 game is sold at a fraction of its launch price, 10.
  • Call of Duty Black Ops III is also offered at a greater discount than usual (for a title that has just been launched) - 49.8 USD instead of 60 USD.
  • A package that includes the Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux is sold for 7.5 only, instead of 15 Previous.
  • A great package that includes 14 games from the Star Wars universe (including Knights of the Old Republic, Republic Commando, Empire at War, Battlefront and other gems) is offered at 23 Dollars.
  • The best action game for 2014, Shadow of Mordor in its GOTY version with all the added content, is sold for 17 dollars only.
  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is sold on 16 dollars, or 21 dollars along with the Season Pass package, which includes all DLC content (which in this case is definitely worth the extra).
  • Project CARS is offered at half price - 25 USD.
  • A pair of classic and high-quality role-playing games, Divinity: Original Sin in its latest Enhanced Edition and Pillars of Eternity, are sold at discounted prices of 30 and 22.5 respectively.
  • Rome: Total War II in its extended Emperor Edition version is offered with a price tag of only $ 15.
Another small look at 8,900 (yes, that's the number) is the titles currently offered on the platform
Another small look at 8,900 (yes, that's the number) is the titles currently offered on the platform

If you have other hot recommendations, you are welcome to share them with us all, as always. Note that the offers will end tomorrow (1 in December) at 20: 00 - so take advantage of the opportunities before. If you are not satisfied for one reason or another, do not worry - another grandiose operation of Is planned for the end of the actual year, between 22 in December and 2015 for 4 in January 2016, where you will have the opportunity to complete gaps.

Fun shopping!