Call of Duty in the time tunnel

What did good for the series Will it do good to her bitter competitor too? We'll soon find out

One of the most successful titles in 2016 was The main reason, it seems, lies in the decision to change course and go back in time to a period that until now has not been widely represented in the world of action games, while most of the competitors continue to focus on the modern era and future era, Of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Somewhere in 1.

Now, it seems that Activision also decided that it was time to refresh the old formula - and return the series also To the past, in this case World War II, which is much more familiar to us than the FPS market, and was the opening station of the brand in the middle of the previous decade. This will happen on 3 in November of the year 2017, and will be called Call of Duty: WWII.

One of the most successful series of games created is looking for a new direction, which is also a bit old

In the American Games, the American Games have officially confirmed that the annual episode will focus on the most deadly war the human race has ever known, after the general trend was revealed during the previous month's leaks, and the first official details are due to arrive tomorrow, on 26 in April, Sledgehammer Games, who have been leading the development in recent years, will be conducting the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

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Some of the characteristics that await us - a variety of additional details will be revealed tomorrow

Until we get practical details, various leaks on the net declare that the main chapter 14 will offer players a "serious" and realistic approach to historical events, 1 did, with a single-player feature mode and an online co-operative narrative mode which would be a dedicated and separate game experience, rather than a casual addition that was only applied to the single-player mode. In addition, Call of Duty: WWII is expected to receive beta tests before reaching the stores - although these will be available only for those who make an early purchase of the title, which is in marked contrast to the competitor EA Games' approach to providing open beta testing before any game launches , Like him 1, which is impossible to avoid comparisons to.

Looking forward to it?

Do you think this is the right direction for the series of games that have been showing real fatigue lately, or is it another "imitation" attempt that will fail in his mission? You are welcome to tell us what you think about the comments.

Free trial before launch, but only for those who have already paid, probably will not add to the Call of Duty: WWII credits among gamers