Dragon Age Inquisition and Battlefield Hardline, now at half price

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EA's Origin platform shop is currently in operation Of their own, with significant discounts on fresh titles that you can not get anywhere else

If you ask us, it seems that all Platforms Gaming Online dream of being Steam when they grow up - that's at least what comes up As part of the summer campaigns Of the service from the Wohlab home, which receives counterfeit countermeasures from all sides. Not that we complain about other assumptions that are thrown at us, of course.

This time we will tell you about the offers in the service The EA Origin, Which is not exactly a popular name in the gaming community but still includes some very good titles that have not yet reached other online stores - making On them to something quite hard to ignore.

So without further unnecessary introductions, here are the most prominent offers offered by the American super distributor these days:

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  • Last year's Bio Dragon: Inquiries from BioWare, now half its original price - 30 EUR (or $ 30, if you are identified as users from the Americas in one way or another). Digital Deluxe is also offered Of EUR / USD 35
  • Battlefield Hardline, another high profile game, is also offered at the price of EUR / USD 30 in the standard version or EUR / USD 35 in the Deluxe Digital version
  • For all soccer fans who have not yet decided to invest, also 15 is offered at half of its full price, ie 30 EUR / USD
  • Titanfall, in its Deluxe version, at the price of 13.3 EUR / USD
  • The popular Battlefield 4, at the price of EUR / USD 10 for those who decided to join late in the celebration
  • For the genre enthusiasts, the Sims 4 and the new SimCity for 30 EUR / USD and 13.3 EUR / USD respectively
  • Crysis series trilogy, along with all the DLC content produced for them, in 20 EUR / USD
  • The Command & Conquer Ultimate Collection, which includes all of the previous premium brand games, is priced at EUR / USD 15
  • In addition, many older titles such as Mirror's Edge, Mercenaries 2, Kingdoms of Amalur and games from the series Dragon Age, Need for Speed, Mass Effect and Dead Space Which range from 1.5 EUR / USD to 5 EUR USD

All offers will be available until next Monday, the 22 in June 2015. Worth buying or is it smarter to wait? You can tell us what you think about the reactions.