E3 - Microsoft Trailers

Tomb Raider, Gears of War, Halo 4 and more. We have collected all the hot trailers from you .

Microsoft has opened the And showed us some impressive trailers. There are not many surprises because most games have been announced or information about them has been leaked to the network long before the opening of the exhibition. What we have left is to watch and enjoy.

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The conference opens straight with 4 and gave us a pretty impressive opening with a trailer length 7 minutes:

Splinter Cell: Blacklist - remember we told you That there is a chance See Sam Fisher coming back at E3? Well, he came big enough to combine voice commands with the Kinect:

Fable: The Journey - The fourth game in the series that will occur 5 years after the previous game. The trailer mainly shows the additional support for Kinect:

Matter - A new game that did not make much noise:

Gears of War: Judgment - New Game In Series With First Trailer:

Forza: Horizon - Trailer for the next game in the famous racing series:
Tomb Raider - A lot of action, killing and survival against the elements. What happened to Lara Croft at the premiere at E3:

Ascend: New Gods - Big and unclear creatures are fighting the new game of developer Signal Studios. Somewhat reminiscent of God Of War:

Resident Evil 6 - the next game in the series, will combine several different plots in one game. Will be interesting:

FIFA 13 - The previous game in the series introduced many improvements and is considered a pretty good title. Is the next game stable an even higher bar?

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2: The world's best selling game premiere. Will the many changes introduced in it preserve his status?