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Great Deals at EA's New Year's Games Store

Similar to Valve's sales at the Set Store, EA also carries out New Year's Day specials with games such as 3 and 4, 15, The Sims 4 and many others at ridiculous prices

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origin sale

Sets in campaigns and competitors sweating: In honor of the new year, EA opens new deals Through its Origin software for a large number of games and discounts up to 50 percent. Featured games in the new operation include 3 at a delusional price of only one dollar (or euros, depending on your location on the globe), the popular $ 10 Titanfall game and even the Mass Effect trilogy at 15 dollars, so almost all There is a reason to go in and see if EA offers a discount on a game that speaks to him.

"EA's New Year's Sale": From December 23 to January 6

All operations Of EA ends on January 6th (another two weeks), and we expect the company to provide different and more varied offers (similar to how different offers are offered every day or two) when the offer is valid. This is not the 80 discount percentage that we are used to seeing In the set promotions But this discount discount. So what are you waiting for?


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